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Custom built model. A modification of an old R3R mining bot. Now with titanium frame and x20 times more processing power.
-Heavy steel shell was replaced with light plastic which greatly improved it's movement speed
-Main drill was replaced with a low-power tractor beam for easier manipulations with small equipment. 
-Mane and tail are made of real pony hair for aesthetic purposes
-Its face can repeat any facial expression a pony can do.
-Runs on "Fashionista" AI 2.2

Other models: Heavy Machinery by Underpable

Older model:  Raribot by Underpable

Animated stuff:  R4R ti (Animated) by equumamici
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Hey, I'm working on a collaborative project where we're doing a longer rewrite of Friendship is Optimal, and I was wondering if we could include some of your images (like this one) in the story for reference. We'd give you credit with a link, we just want to use this as a visual for readers, some of whom might not have seen MLP before, and I wanted to make sure you were ok with it.

The context is that a programmer in New York builds an Artificial Intelligence to run an MMO based around My Little Pony, and it not only creates Equestria, but AI personalities for various ponies within it, then moves on to doing things in the outside world, including the creation of "Pondroids", which are robot ponies like what you've drawn here.

Would this use be OK with you?