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Pocket Trixie

:iconmlptrixieplz: DE GRREAT UND POVERRFUL 
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I like Seabreeze's bored expression :XD:
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The small and adorable.
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The great and powerful brrreezie!!! :D :D :D
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
...Well, I suppose Trixie needed a new start after ruining her reputation within the borders of Equestria - twice. Might as well switch to a different audience entirely. =P
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she's beautiful in any size...
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Ever a big ego for one so small.
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Breezie!Trixie: "Size is relative, good sir. For instance...SIZE-SWAP GO!"

*In a flash, Breezie!Trixie is the size of a normal pony...and YOU are the size of a Breezie!*

Breezie!Trixie: [Smriks] "See? What seems small one moment can be huge, compared to something else...or with the right spell." :devilish:
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BIG-Breezie!Trixie: "Why, thank you...tiny one." ;)
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:icontrixiewhatplz::iconsaysplz:The Great and powerful PIXIE!
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Trixie: Dear Breezies, you have the privilege to watch me, the great and powerful Trixie showing you the best magic tricks any other po- errr breezy can perform!!!
Yellow Breezy: Seabreeze? Vem är det här? Vad hon säger? (Seabreeze? Who is she? What is she saying?)
Trixie: Me, being the most powerful uni- errr... breezie using magic in all Equestria, be prepare to watch me in awe!
Seabreeze: Bah! Nobody important. Just another arrogant show off simply making noise to get attention.

Wonderful artwork. Translation by Bing Translator.
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Wait till she gets to her magic act.
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Nice work on the perspective and detailed nature background in this.
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
It's nice to know at least Seabreeze knows better.
Sky-Charger's avatar
teh great und pewerful Trixie!
K4nK4n's avatar
I NEVER liked Trixie, but I have to admit that this is adorable.
Mediocre-Grimm's avatar
Seabreeze looks a mite unimpressed. XD 
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HohohoHO now I can be great and powerfull anytime with the Pocket Trixie !
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The great and powerful breeze!
TorturedArtist745's avatar
The Great and Adorable Trixie will now summon her own breeze to ride on.
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Very well done......But Sea Breeze's expression is the bomb! If GPT fails least she won't have to trust wheels to get away!
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