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Pink Pone Problems


A pile of sad ponies incoming
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Wow. That is... Sad. It's very sad. I mean, she seems so alone as she's talking to a doll version of herself. And her hair is all deflated, it just seems lonely. Like in that one episode where something happened where she thought her friends didn't want to be with her, something similar to this happened. She got out all her dolls and started talking to them. And she's telling the doll to go away like she wants to forget all of her memories of happiness. I really don't like seeing Pinkie like this, and you captured all those feelings perfectly.
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What I find most intriguing about this piece is that she's encountering a doll version of Pinkie Pie, because it actually emphasizes how alone Pinkamena is. I imagine her in some darkly lit room, just crying all by herself. Suddenly, she sees a plushie of herself, and she tells it to screw off, because she doesn't want to be reminded of her brighter self, nor does she want to be encouraged to act brighter. Pinkamena just wants to be sad. She wants to stay sad, and wants does not want to express jubilation in any sort of way. Despite how comedic it is to think of Pinkamena interacting with a Pinkie plushie, it actually is more dramatic when you put it in this concept. And I think that's what impressed me most about this drawing. It took a concept that could easily be funny and turned it into something heartbreaking. That deserves major props. The background also interests me, because it's much lighter on the plushie's side than it is on Pinkamena's, symbolizing the darkness of the miserable earth pony. As always, the expressions are really powerful, and identify the emotions thoroughly. The lighting is really clever, as well as the placement of each subject. There's only one minor thing I would advise you of, and that's to take away the little dash that connects Pinkamena to the quote. We can tell that the quotation is coming from her. Other than that, this work, s always, is pretty solid. Keep up the tremendous work, Underpable!
Good critique but I don't see Pinkamena wanting to be sad but unable to feel anything but that; except for when she saw the reminder of what she was, what she lost.  That filled her with anger and disgust, both outward and inward.
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Good interpretation. Now that I think about it, I also would agree that she didn't want to be sad until she encountered that doll.
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this isn't yelp butt sausage
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Hey, they can state their opinion if they want to, critiques are allowed on Deviantart to help an artist understand how their art has gotten and to help them get better.

I think this picture is awesome too, and I can honestly relate with it.
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This ponk is in serious need of massive amount of HUG in order to refill her fun gauge. I would be happy to oblige.
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I am so like Pinkamena, I always say go away to happiness or I just like to be alone.
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this looks really cool
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You can't erase the happiness, Pinkie. This is in you. This is you.
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Pinkie gives no fucks. XD
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Isn't Pinkie's proper name Pinkamena any way? (her middle name is Diane)
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Um, I don't mean to sound like I'm some negative person, but this is pretty much me and my relationship with MLP: FiM and its fandom now (I'm not depressed and sad all the time though, but whenever I'm not near said show, my stress level has decreased greatly)...
Lost its way- it’s original purpose, hasn’t it?
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Yeah, you could say that...
You are not alone in feeling as much. I wish we knew more how Lauren Faust wished the show to go in all it’s non stereotypical goodness
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I can honestly relate :( anger and sadness trying to overpower my happiness and confidence 
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:iconpinkiepieplz:No. I'm staying here, silly. :-)
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T.F.: I feel your pain.
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I don't like very much pinkie pie. But hell, dude, this is brutal. Great piece of art <3
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That looks like me vs. People's expectation of me..
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