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oh nOoOooooO We are all gona dAH -Twilight Sparkle, XXXX
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If only. On two things. Twilight and Fluttershy on a picnic by themselves. And bring back Flutterbat some more. We need more of it. 

Just too awesome to leave alone.
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:icontwilightsparkleplz: Fuh...Fuh...Fangs?
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Beware Fluttershy's hickies.
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Мдя, не умеет Пурпурка доводить начатое до концаtwilight sparkle (smile) plz 
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Look on Twilights face is priceless.
remember.. she showed the fangs after she was 'Fixed'.
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I am going to censor the apple and the hoof....heh heh heh..
fludder shy looks better this way
Flutterbat is no longer thirsty for blood, but shall thirst for juice forevermore!"
(cause even part vampires are immortal)
run every pony run 
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"Wait a minute... I thought the reversal spell worked!" :)
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Love Fluttershy's expression here!!! :la: :la: :la:
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:iconfluttershyyayplz::iconsaysplz: WRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
:icondiobrandoplz::iconsaysplz: Besuto Poni!
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Is it bad that I think she's prettier this way??
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