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Pancakes Are Life


See the pancake. Feel the pancake. Be the pancake

And oh my god:
Pancakes by Underpable
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i mean awake
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Pancake Princess. :D
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when the pancakes come out warm SO WARM happier dancy Beckie Couple Icon -Request- 
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Lolz, are those homemade?
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am i the only one who hates pancakes?
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Pancakes are fuckin delicious
but I would not recommend doing what Twilight is doing.
Gettin all that sticky syrup in your hair and on your face.
pancakes are love, pancakes are life
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great now I want a pancake now
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nothing like pancakes in the morning. B)
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Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Pancakes
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eat the pancakes, she looks so happy
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Pancakes are best pillow.
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I guess you could say shes ... HORNY
Ahhhhh! I can relate to Twilight. I LOVE PANCAKES! I love to have syrup or even put butter on my pancakes. I even had a weird dream that I was half human half pancake. Pancakes are my love and my life. *squee!*
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