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Alicorns are so majestic

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Hi i have a question does luna, celestia, cadance and twilight like two eat pancakes :-?

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Twilight is pancake, awake and eatiing her pancake.

This is really great work, and very funny.

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"I'm pancake, princesses! I mean...I'm awake for princess fun."

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I think I lost my appetite...
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When you think about it if Alicorns didn't have magic, they wouldn't be able to eat the same way as we Humans, because ponies have hooves not hands like we humans so ponies can't use Forks and Knives like we can.

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thanks for the new life skill, princesses!

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Oh my,I just have words for what I'm thinking,oh wait,I do<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="395" title=":P (Lick)"/>ANCAKES! now that I've gotten that out of my system.The colors are absolutely beutifull.But what's up with Luna's hair? I don't get it. Oh twilight,pancke hat.LOL.Cadance is the pancake Queen.Cestia is me all the way.Heh.Thshading could be a bit better.
Of cause you were probably lazy hen you drew this.(Don't worry,I feel your lazy-ness) Afther seeing this,I think I'll make pancakes in your honor.Now,I'm sorry any spelling erors I can't read my writing.the print on my computer is tiny.I have already faved this.Love it. Go princesess. Critique out. Bye bye.
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Tehe I'm Celestia <3 ^w^

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Such elegance! x3
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yes very dignified

I think rarity would be very proud of their manners (not)

hilarious artwork mate

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And Flurry Heart is just off-panel in her high chair, politely nibbling at her stack.
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cadance looks like she has a victorian wig in her mouth.
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No, that's a joke about something else...
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I remember this picture. xD
i dont know if luna's choking or eating normally
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it looks like she is eating with her mouth open.
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They are Majestic. As. Fyay. :D
Twilight: I'm pancake! 
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Funny princesses eating pancakes. :XD:
turns out i dont need a knife and fork to eat pancakes
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