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Of Course

There were actually 4 of them.

Also, people who made those seats probably have no idea of how legs work... or look like
Derp Goes To 'Murica by Underpable26 hours later by Underpable
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Who says a TSA pass is a Get Out Of Hell Free card?

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Damn I know that feeling
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rule of going into every plane: there must be at least a kid crying
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sigh... Celestiadamnit, Button...
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This is a daily thing for me at my work. Little Kids making a fuss.

I feel Twilight's Pain everyday.
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I remember being on a plane, and there was a kid on there who was crying for literally the ENTIRE FLIGHT, not even my beloved headphones helped. So this picture sums up a bad seat perfectly :P
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cpt: This is the captain. Brace for impact.
Twi: Ouch, my neck!
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Pretty sure button mash just lost, now he's a little cry baby. 
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Three words.
Noise. Canceling. Headphones.

They work wonders.
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Some of the ones I've worn are so effective that I actually can't hear anything with them on but what is playing through them.
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Are they expensive?
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Well, I mean, if you want a good quality pair, you might be shelling out a little more. I figure that it'll run you about fifteen to twenty USD if you get something cheaper, but higher quality stuff is obviously more expensive. Bose makes the highest quality stuff around, and I'm currently looking at the SoundLink on-ears from them: I tried a pair on, and they feel like they're made of steel, the cushions feel like down pillows for your ears, the sound quality is heavenly and they do effectively cancel a lot of outside noise. However, a new pair will run you from 150-180 USD, depending on where you get it from. I found a pair locally for 100 USD, but I don't know if that is a common occurrence. 

Just don't EVER buy anything from Beats by Dre; that company produces overpriced mediocre garbage.
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Wow talk about experience but it's good to know anyways thanks for the suggestion & to see someone weary of Beats as i always them abit flunky.
Smarty by bokadokapoka
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And this is why I prefer to sit up front in the cockpit, rather than in the back with the normies.
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Carrot top and button mash should know better
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My OC: :D good flight
* Bang *
My OC: -_- little kids i swear
* Bang Bang *
My OC: :( this is getting really out of hand
* Bang bang bang *
My OC: >:( if he doesn't stop hitting my chair
* Bang bang bang bang *
( Foal starts crying for being yelled at )
Plane Attented: Excuse me sir please exit the plane we can not allow you attacking our passangers ...
My OC: He kept hitting my chair
Plane Attented: Thats does not matter you are older then him you should really act your age.
My OC: ( Mumbles ) " This is the treatment i get for riding your plane ..." ( Storms off the plane )
My OC: ( Walks back in ) " I AM SO PEEVED RIGHT NOW THANKS ALOT ! "
Everyone: O.O;;

Derpy Hooves: what do you mean? You didn't went in your pants.

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Well, depending on who of my OCs we talk about, there are a few different solutions to this situations:

Shell: Short-distance-paralysis-pulse (knocks out anything within a range of 10 feet)

Coral: Use her magically enhanced voice to sing every passenger to sleep.

Mist: He knows his ways around, so he needs no plane in the first place. If you see him in a plane, it´s either because he wants to take the plane or because someone plans something they´ll regret. Most likely the latter.
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite I'm about to crash this plane.
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Ya, airplanes are crafted to fit as many people as possible, not for comfort...
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Otherwise known as the Sardine Principle
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