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No Other Like Her
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Published: September 2, 2018
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Ember's daughter is shooketh
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aqdrobert|Hobbyist General Artist
Queen Chrysalis 8 SMOLDER You smell better than Chrysalis.
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see trixie, klutzy draconequus doesnt work, just make discord dab
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ijustloveit619|Student Digital Artist
It was suppose to be an act of Shame and an Expression to turn gazes from her..

But instead it became a Dank Dab hahaha XD
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Yoka-the-Changeling's avatar
Yoka-the-Changeling|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I mean, isn't the dab an act of shame?
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DrAdalwinMuller|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Yeah...that pose was a bad animation choice.
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mbrsart|Hobbyist Writer
Even more reason why Ocellus is one of my favorite students.
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And then the Dab took off in Ponyville soon afterwards, spreading out through Equestria. Thanks to Ocellus, the Dab Queen Chrysalisn't.
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IkeFanboy64|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Remember kids, if you are mistaken for someone else, just dab
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TheAnonymousBronyGuy's avatar
Now that I’ve seen what lies beneath, this makes a lot more sense. Plus excellent job at keeping it out of context so it doesn’t spoil the episode 
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Great, I feel like shipping it now
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Alomar3882's avatar
I don;t get the joke.  :meow:
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X-Force02ranger|Student Traditional Artist
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The-JaPon-ii's avatar
200% im sorry that is one more 0 than 20% im afraid this post is too DANK, imma have to ask you to take this post down, you violated the laws directed by the MEME POLICE

Crime commited: posting TOO DANK MEMES
Content Cop Content Cop Content Cop Content Cop Emoticon Content Cop Emoticon Content Cop Emoticon Content Cop 
Cops ~ Rin Cops ~ Sousuke 

I hope you go straight to the slammer for this
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Ocellus: "Don't look at me!"

Smolder: Ocellus, that's so 2016.
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Conceptbro|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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OcellusXSmolder is one of my ships, so Im double glad you used Smolder for this lol

This is silly xD
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Swiftriff| Digital Artist
I feel Ocellus could be dat Memelord XD
Awesome and hilarious piece dood 
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:D XD 
This is awesome. Made me laugh for real.
Nice work!
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Mad Queen Chrysalis: CURSE YOU TREE! You're going on the list.

The List:
1: Starlight Glimmer
2: Tree of Harmony
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Didn’t the tree save you from being killed by your clones.
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