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Music Woon

What if NMM was using headphones instead of a helmet?

At first I wanted to draw Luna with these songs in mind:………
But then thought that NMM would look better.


P.S. So I tried using textures, what do you think about it?
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Another amazing piece!! I loved how you made her eye half-closed, it gives a sort off... well how to put it.... mysterious atmosphere! I love how you used a space texture on her mane, though I would recommend making the lineart of her mane slightly in the colors of the texture, it's very in-your-face at the moment. Her armor is simply gorgeous and seeing all those little lines and jewels makes me very happy that the artist spend so much attention to detail! Something I didn't really like though, is that the artist switched between straight lines and curvy lines a lot, if everything had been straight with sharper edges I think the impact would've been greater and this piece would be better distinguishable of other drawings. Overall, I think this is a great drawing and I hope the artist will make the other princesses as well!
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you make me want to watch mlp all over again
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It's amazing! I wish I could use it for my profile! But in respect, I'll leave it as another DEEPLY LOVE piece ^^
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That's basically me.
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Love the mane so much!
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I stumbled across this, and now I love it more than anything ever.
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Dat is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dat is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!
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Very, very cool! I love the style!
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LOL I happened to have all these songs - they're good choices for Luna/Nightmare Moon. :3
The textures on her mane look gorgeous, and the headphone texture adds just the right touch! 
...Though headphones make her look more approachable, somehow, even if you were to think of it as a headband rather than headphones... xD
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NMM + headphones = 20% more BADASS
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Her hair's incredible!
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Love the horn armor :D
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This on a T-shirt. I'd buy. <3
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I love it I also wish my headphones were like that
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I wish I had those headphones!
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Looks awesome! Would you do one of a OC?
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Only as a commission
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Oh ok... sorry.
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I like it maybe with permission I can get this as a vector for a controller?
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