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Megamare X - Steven

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Good art! and an interesting concept!
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Luke's Epic Face well...I hope that pony's packing some major magic!
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Dude, that robot has the most outrageous mustache.
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Love the concept art. :) Has the bigger-than-life bosses you see in some of the later sigma stages. The wiring that doubles as an artificial hairstyle is a nice touch. 
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That's an awesome crossover.
Coincidentally, just one say after I had the idea to mix Steven Magnet with something else. ... But much less spectacular, haha.
Coelacanth0794's avatar
...OHHH! Stave Magnet! This reminds me a lot of the MMZ boss Hyleg Ourobockle.
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...super fighting robot... also once I notice the scale pony it went from amusing to scary
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Aim for the mustache for bonus damage.
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ooh! Is this the sea serpent in the 1st episode of season 1 of MLP?
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Yep. Hence the title "...Steven".
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Oh, my bad. I didn't know he had a name. ^^;
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No no, it's not your fault. It is the fault of those who refused to enlighten you.
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