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Megamare X - Adagio

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I always think her name is "Aziago" xP
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don't make cheesy puns, dude.
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Nice concept of portraying the siren character. Inspired by that fish with the light-lure, I guess.
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Excellent design! It really does look like something I could see in megaman. Plus it just plain looks cool! 
TheHonestCap's avatar
Amazing work. She looks like something I would see on megaman zero or zx.
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So, what exactly is this whole megamare business about? Adapting MLP characters into Megaman enemies?
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Ooh...that looks interesting! I wih you luck! :la:
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I really like the way you incorporated musical technology into the design, especially the microphone lure.
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Wow! Interesting x)
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I have to say the design is ..  too good to be true
Backjack-Kitsune's avatar
why am I thinking Adio anglamare , must give proper x maverick name lol
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This the most original alternate Adagio art I have ever seen, and the best drawn. I love it!
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That explains who the mystery mare was.
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