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Maud Loves Style

It rocks

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Two kuuderes walk into a Boutique...

The rest you make up! XD
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It has no rocks on it though; just stars, (which are theoretically all balls of gas, not rocks). I'm just gonna say she's really just complimenting it for the moon, (which she appears to be staring at anyway).
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Oh look...they talked to each other.  They must be sooooo in love....
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I'm not much of a fan of dresses, but that is really prettyClap 
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If they put them both in the same episode, the world will result in a slow, awesome meltdown. :XD:
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Such good friends.
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jajaja :D would be good friends
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I think they both found a kinship here. :D
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I love to see these two talk to each other! XD
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Good for you. Now go and look at something you actually like.
And not go on Brony pictures just to hate.
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It's funny though. 
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Yes, it is fun to argue on the internet.
Especially if they act like 5 year olds.
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I don't know what you are talking about.
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Don't you mean clop clop clop?
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I think you have to be 18 to look at that stuff.

ponies intensify
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Things you have accomplished by typing this comment: Nothing.
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