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There will be more Lyras once I finish reading Background Pony
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"Hello there! Lyra Heartstrings, human/pony relations and good friend, welcomes you!"
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Draw her like one of her French Mares!
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So much attitude! I love it! XD
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did i was the only one that found a reference of "ponies with hats" when lyra started taking about the super expensive oat of bonbon?
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I liked the curved horn, makes the style more unique, nice! 
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She's acting like human ^^ I like her so much
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background pony is depressing!

seeing anything from it is depressing... I dont like the ending to it but... that is the life of an unsung hero!
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She ain't havin' it today.
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I just noticed that Lyra's horn here is curved.
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Sitting sexy, Lyra. :heart:
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Lyra's cute when she's angry.
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Lyra: hello * badass sound * 
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This is one of my favorite Lyra pics :D
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More who?  And why was I just looking at a picture of an empty chair?  It's a rather nice chair, mind you…
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I see what you did there.
I was expecting Lyra to say "I have a secret too!" and reveal she is wearing a pony suit.
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yet she still sits like a pony too Rainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plz 
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DUDE. You were hard at work to finish 5 drawings for one episode xD
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