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Lvl 4 Twilight

:iconrainbowtwilightplz: This isn't even my final form

Lvl 1: Unicorn Twilight
Lvl 2: Alicorn Twilight
Lvl 3: Ultimate Twilight
Lvl 4: Rainbow Twilight 
Lvl 5: Coming soon
Special transformations: Breezie Twilight, Berserk Fire Twilight, Crystal Twilight

Twai by UnderpableTwilicorn by UnderpableThe Last Alicorn by Underpable

That's a lot of Twilights
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Not even her final form.
CrustyCheesecakeCat's avatar
Who cares about the horn and wings the mane is why ponies wanna be alicorns
W0WM4ST3R's avatar
Lets see, still needs Corrupted Twilight; Chaos'd (Insane/draconequus) Twilight; and a version I came up with recently where a pony would achieve ascension, corruption, & chaos all at the same time.  No idea what to call the last one though.
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Sure looks nice for the license picture... but just you wait till you try to get around in town :/
That short hair look was better for that :I
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Berserk Fire Rainbow Twilight is currently the most dangerous form of Twilight known to Ponykind.
Tiger610's avatar
:33< she wasn't in season 2 an alicorn yet
redwallfvs's avatar
Oh! Don't forget Batpony Twilight! ^^
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Lv. 5: Flaming Ultimate Rainbow Alicorn Twilight
LightningChaser2000's avatar
This isn't even my final form
kaciekk's avatar
What is Ulltimate Twilight?
sweettreat6000's avatar
Aw yeah twilight gonna get flash sentry now huh? ... not that I ship it..
Underpable's avatar
I ignore Flash Sentry as a character :p
ShadowSilverwolf's avatar
Yeah, 'cause her final form's like something from Tron!
Matrilwood's avatar
Gee, I wonder what could possibly top that…
Dj-Ultraduke's avatar
Saddust's avatar
Just beautiful...
ObscureLilium's avatar
Lord-Shanakill's avatar
Haha, pony ultimate forms are yet another reminder that with great power comes greatly extended hair.
zilvart's avatar
hm interesting hairstyle its fabolousity omg rarity would be proud!
Z706's avatar
I don't even like MLP, but this is fab. lol
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