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A scene from "The Maudinator". To make sure Lil' Cheese is born, Maud must go to a certain point in time and stop the CyberChangelings, a product of the evil LoveNet and save both her sister and Cheese Sandwich.

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Guehesjalgueh - that crackling skin makes me itchy... Awesome effect!
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Maud will buck you up...
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Ahem004 A nice and PG pic for you.
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shure buddy just dont kill yourself
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wow I'm "shattered" by that
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I love Maud Pie so much she out shines any sedimentary rocks such as Breccia,Conglomerate, or Halite. her eyes filled with strong solidarity Gleam with the peaceful and honesty Glow of an Aquamarines. and her willfully almost unblinking percence would cause even the most hardened of sedimentary to erode as if being melted by her calm watery gaze. which analyze every gram of detail even amidst of plethora of sedimentary, none of which are as solid as you.  You take a gray landscape and like the dyed sedimentary in colored chalk you can turn it into a field of rainbows. >.>....
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It looks like the force from the collision is shattering off her flesh.
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Bucking Bronco! It’s how the West was won! Bucking Bronco! A blast for everyone! Lift up your spirits full and fly, Launch your friends into the sky! Bucking Bronco! The law of gravity, defied!

awesome Maud!!!!
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Yikes! This is intense.

That looks like it's be very Painful...
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So... She`s going to be dead really soon, isn`t she?
PlotTwistthePegasus's avatar
I love this so much. What's a vigor?
SnapCentino's avatar
Magic abilities from video game Bioshock Infinite.
caballero-nocturno's avatar
Woah! is really cool!
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Maud doesn't need a Vigor to punch through solid rock. 
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his front hoove should hurt here no?
Charmless-Crescent97's avatar
For all these bogies I applaud you good artist.
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She looks like a majestic rabbit leaping for it's carrot.... I gotta stop doin oxygen.
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The posing you used for Maud really conveys the sense of kinetic action in this scene. Plus her completey deadpan expression despite having her hooves essentially SHATTERING is both in-character and incredibly hardcore.
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It took me a while to figure out it was a Bioshock reference. I thought she'd managed to punch herself into pieces.
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