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Let's Make Some Ponies

...and magic makes it all complete.
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Hi. ;3
Today I will tell you 3 little things of your drawing .
First is that your drawing is GORGEOUS and it seems that you put passion on it .

Second. For me you put obiously the elements of each pony... For example Rarity I think she is in shock but , for me, she´s trying to be generous with her thinkings, Flutter Shy is there hided like she could normally be, Apple Jack I think she would say the honest thinkings of this act.
Pinkie she will explode of enthusiam that she has,For me, at looking at this thing, and Rainbow i think or I suppose that she will be always loyal to Twilight even if her physically is different .

And third but not least the colors, the shadings, the positions, E-VE-RI-THING !!!!!!

perfect !!!!! just perfect !!!! beautiful!!!! more drawings pelase!!!!! this one for me would be in my favourites!!!!!!
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Holy shiet, this is old <.<
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"Creator, what is my purpose?"
"You spread friendship."
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Reminds me of a story I read ages ago about the Fog-shaper.
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cool now let's make a new friend!
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I love this, it's so perfect Heart Love 
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awwww thats nice.
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...and magic makes it all complete.
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This is so cool and so pretty!
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And that's how equestria was made
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That's absolutely awesome!!!
Excellent job with the shading, colors and style!
MyLittlePon3Lov3's avatar
Wow, you did an amazing job :)
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fluttershy is a floating head D8

However... this drawing is very nice.
I really like it <3
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Is that pinkie on a cloud?
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Actually, she is IN a cloud...
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Muy bueno y bastante original
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Oh that is clever, nice work!
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Amazing. I truly adore this picture. The sketchiness of the landscape behind Twilight emphasises the semi-complete nature of the world that Fauna Luster is creating. The representation of her magic as pencils to trace the outlines of ponies (and presumably the rest of the world) is novel and brilliant. I really like the looks of anticipation and awe on the rest of the Mane Six as they witness the act of creation.

(I just had an idea for Fauna Luster "creating": the quills in her cutie mark (on each flank) separate themselves and illustrate at her whim.)
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You know, there's a lot you could read into Twilight being the last to be created...
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I made her the last one because she was the last of main six to move in Ponyville
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