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Let's Go Insane Again

Wanted to try a speedpaint, got this -_-

Version with NMM: Let's Go Insane Again2 by Underpable
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Pinkamena: do you want a cupcake?

Luna: no...


luna: O.O

me: WHAT?!

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The shading of Pinkamena Luna's mane is absolutely FABULOUS!
I love both of their expressions. I like how you used magenta-pink and violet blue lowlights on their bodies and hair. Luna's feathers and horn were beautifully done. Something I'd like to see with your style is adding more colors and shading to their eyes, and adding more vibrant tones along with the natural mane hues as seen in this piece. You create lovely art, and I hope this critique was fair, because it was my first one. So I commend you for your hard work and excelling improvements! 9/10!
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luna: NO. i don'ts wants a cupcakes.
what makes this interesting is how, they seem as if they have a sort of bond. a bond which exist because they both have dark sides that exist in contradiction to their inner goodness
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This is pretty nice.
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This reminds me of a drawing I saw with Luna and Pinka. 
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If I was Luna I would be running
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Pinkie Pie: "Want a cupcake?"
Rainbow Dash: "Want to go to the RAINBOW FACTORY?"
Twilight Sparkle: "WANT TO READ BOOKS!"
*Rainbow and Pinkie take off scary face masks.*
Twilight Sparkle: "What?" 
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:iconsarcasticlunaplz: :iconsays3plz: No, and kindly get thyself off thy royal back THIS INSTANT!
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Haha! Awesome!!! Love this! :dance: :dance: :dance:
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Let's go insane again
Bring back the pain again
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I love the idea and "backstory" behind this. Great work!
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NAWWOOOOOOO!!! You don't want that cupcake!
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Way better than a speed-paint, love the style though! :clap: 
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Just hangin out 
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