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So f*cking majestic
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Is that a itty bitty twilight on a string coming from the handle
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Great pic. She looks amazing with a flowing main and tail style and that magic aura of hers looks deadly.
That magic aura of hers is amazing, showing off her power while holding a scythe.
She definitely looks like a fighter whose ready to get down to business.

<Maybe> She should test her might against my Weeping Willow. Her scythe against Willow's to see who is stronger wielding their favorite weapon.

<Weeping Willow> Hehehe......let's test our steel against one another. I want to see who is stronger and have some fun.…
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awesome and epic
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I think I'll agree with the others here, this pony is badass. Great job on the colors, and her pose, not to mention that expression. You seriously wouldn't want to mess with her.
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How can ponies be so bad ass <<<333
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i take it thats not for the reaping of hay, 
like the ethereal glowy bits.  
I've seen trinkets on swords befor but i think this is the first time ive seen one on a scythe. 
Some people shrink heads; I figure why stop there lets shrink the whole thing. 
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okay that is bad ass
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Was watching the stream of this (first time on your stream), and I gotta say, as long as I've been following you, watching you actually work on this piece just made me realize how much I really enjoy your style. It's actually got me thinking about some new stuff I wanna try. Primarily, some new shading techniques and using line art again.
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Too bad stream disconnected
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Yeah, it is. Don't feel too bad, though... I think all of Picarto crashed when that happened. Couldn't get any other streams to load at all after that.
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Beautiful armor work! 
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this looks amazing, but....what is twilight doing?
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Being a trinket
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ohhh, thats adorable! keep up the awesome-sause! :highfive:
Dat Warrior Face :3 
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