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Reverse Filly-second. I'll see myself to the Nova6 gas chamber.
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my time is now
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Be kill By Pinkimena.....Kinda ok with me 
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That's a scary thought.
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Yeah... this just can't end well.  Um... why is she looking at me like that?
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run run as fast as you can.
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It's too late... She's already got us.
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let me make that better
Pinkie pie: "run run as fast as you can".
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Good idea, let's steal the Flash's powers before Pinkie finds us.
4th Wall cannot save us anymore...time to retcon multiverse.
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LOL the big smiley in the description !!! :rofl::rofl:
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This is like, the Flash if he had become a zombie!
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-thinks- sweet mother of celestia help me.....
:slinky: Run Away :nuu: Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] TAKE IT AWAAAAY 
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Is she doing cupcakes ?
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(scenario 1)
-.- fu *dead*

(scenario 2)
friends? i wanna be *dead*

(scenario 3)
*grins psychotically* can i help? *pulls out a knife*
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Yeah, pretty much what everyone's thinking right about now.
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Allow me to hop aboard the nope train.
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It would appear that the 6:66 train to Nope county has departed.
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