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How About Something Pointy

A solid business strategy

It might be dumb, but I've got this.
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Some call it fashion, others call it a sign of DUI.

Фешн из май профешн
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Know your Customer
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I will never understand fashion.

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See now that is fashion!
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The VLC fashion is in vogue.
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Equestria fashion in a nutshell 
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Fluttershy uses the "Trickster Persona" is very effective
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When you need to put something on your head, there will ALWAYS be a traffic cone nearby. Also, considering "peeved" is as bad as Flutters gets, I'm astounded she even knows the C-bomb. 0.0;
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Fluttershy(sassy): You look like a fat swine in that

Willow(my Ponysona): Well it looks like your using that fancy get-up to mach your humugs ego

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Well, if the Cone Heads ever invade Equestria we know who started it =p
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So what? That paddy looks fine? Where's the joke?
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Now you'll be able to hang out with Pyramid Head without getting bifurcated!
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Hahahaha this is hilarious, haven't seen this episode yet though! <3 Can't wait!
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where i get my cone hats
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