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Is it Twilight or Starlight? Nobody knows
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Shining Armor Facehoof by GJTProductions  "Twily, please, you're acting like you're a little filly again, stop it..."
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twilight (starlight has turquoise eyes and magic)
I believe this is a changeling! The eyes look so strange and the horn... wait a second...

:iconstarlightsuspectingplz: - (while hiding under a bush) Huh? The pink coat looks familiar, but those eyes... (squinting her eyes) they look so strange. Wait! Could that be?
 After a few seconds later...

:iconstarlightshockedplz: - It's a changeling!

Time to warn somepony... anypony of what she just saw.
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That's a big horn!
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Im sorry, my sister was on my account.
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me on a bad day when all I want to do is playing with my Switch
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t h i s i s m y m o o d
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i think its a changeling. look closely at the eyes.
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I say it's Twilight because if you pay attention to the tiny bit of her mane that is showing, it looks more like the front of Twilight's. Also, Starlight's magic isn't pink/purple/whatever you wanna say it is. It's a greenish colour.
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Starlight the color is too light to be twilight and the eyes are a much lighter tone of a dark purple and the magic is far to pink.
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shut up and enjoy the art
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No need to be rude, man. Some people like observing and speculating about things they like, that's just how they enjoy things. Not to mention, the description literally asked who the viewers thought the pony was.
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They wanted to guess. So I put my guess.
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I'm so sorry, but as I explained my sister was on my account.
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Or is it....

A CHANGELING? Dun, dun, duuuuuuun!
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I am seriously dying from the cuteness Meow :3 
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D'aaaw, so cute. :)
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This is cute beyond words! 
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