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Probably the saddest picture I ever drew
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not the pizza 🥺

Not the pizza! Why!? Oh why!? It should have been me!


Oh no, someone hug them and give them more pizza!

I know how it feels when you are about to eat something delicious but gravity decides to be an ass and go "no" and cause it to fall onto the floor somehow.

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*Gets a stroke when the pizza falls*
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oh no the princesses are crying

quick somebody call Jasper Pie

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The saddest thing in the world
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Mr. Hand: ... (Pulls out pizza out of his dimension pocket) Grow the **** up
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its so unbearably cute! tragic, but cute!
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it could be worse. there could be ruined cupcakes too
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NO, TAKE IT DOWN! IT'S TOO HORRIFIC!!!Twilight Scream Icon (watch me for using emote!) 
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If you take it back dominos gives you a free one
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Do not cry, my princesses. I'll order you another pizza. (Picks up the phone.)
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Life pain without pizza
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stand back! this is a crime scene! 
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As someone who lives week to week on instant ramen this brought a genuine tear to my eye.
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How could this happen to me?

I've made my mistakes,
got nowhere to run,
the night goes on as I'm fading away!
I'm sick of this life,
I just wanna screeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaam!

How could this happen to me?
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