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Hay No


What went through her head at that moment.

I believe that was the only reason.

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Looks like queen chrysalis have a bad guest.

:iconstarlightcuteplz: "Join us, chrysalis.You don't have to be a bad guys."

:iconchrysalissadplz: ....

Queen Chrysalis screaming "Noo!"

:iconstarlightworry2plz: !!! (Shock horse noise)

Queen Chrysalis 7 "Do you think you want to turn me into a cute little bug?!

I'm out of here!"

:iconstarlightworry2plz: "Wait!"

Starlight Glimmer not approved ...

Truly a fate worse than death!

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Her ego and pride, prioritizing over prosperity, gets in the way of the reformation.

Well, she did right for the sake of entertainment (a fictional character, no big deal), but in reality, she'll regret it later.

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Everytime I look at the center image..I keep hearing a *SQUEE!!* sound effect.
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Starlight, all you need to do is drink some Red Bull.
Yeah, I dislike how the Changeling reformation was handled myself
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OMG I so would love a plush of Reformed Chrysalis  
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Her reformed version looks really beautiful! ^^ Besides, I can imagine, that it really happened in the canon.
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She'll warm up and become better than she thinks.
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Awwwww but she would look so adorable
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You'll be the next princess over my cold lifeless corpse you worthless Sue!
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Still, I can't help but wonder why the most powerful characters in Equestria just stood there and watched Chrissy fly away rather than vaporizing her on the spot with their combined powers.
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She should have reformed because now she has to deal with something far worse. 
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Honestly, I know it's wrong but she really made the right decision. They look like a mix match of gummy bears.
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K now that i'm looking at this Chrysalis made the right choice.
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No wonder why she didn't want to reform. She didn't want to look bad. TBH I love the old design of the changelings better than what we have now.
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