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What went through her head at that moment.

I believe that was the only reason.

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momo-malt-gern|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Her reformed version looks really beautiful! ^^ Besides, I can imagine, that it really happened in the canon.
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Omega-Knight-X97M's avatar
Omega-Knight-X97M|Student Digital Artist
Makes sense.
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wilnet1tractor's avatar
She'll warm up and become better than she thinks.
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AstralShurui's avatar
Awwwww but she would look so adorable
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Mudstorm15's avatar
Mudstorm15|Hobbyist Writer
makes sense
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TheDnDking's avatar
You'll be the next princess over my cold lifeless corpse you worthless Sue!
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Skianous's avatar
Skianous|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Still, I can't help but wonder why the most powerful characters in Equestria just stood there and watched Chrissy fly away rather than vaporizing her on the spot with their combined powers.
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Conmac98's avatar
She should have reformed because now she has to deal with something far worse. 
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VigilandTea's avatar
Kill Thorax
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Shigiya's avatar
Honestly, I know it's wrong but she really made the right decision. They look like a mix match of gummy bears.
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caballero-nocturno's avatar
Hahaha awesome xD!
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storm789's avatar
so true! 
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AskGoverntale's avatar
AskGoverntale|Student Traditional Artist
K now that i'm looking at this Chrysalis made the right choice.
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Bgamestheinfernape's avatar
Bgamestheinfernape|Student Traditional Artist
Lol the cutie marks
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EdenDragonHeart's avatar
EdenDragonHeart|Student General Artist
No wonder why she didn't want to reform. She didn't want to look bad. TBH I love the old design of the changelings better than what we have now.
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Netheris-Queen's avatar
Netheris-Queen|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So THAT'S why Chrysalis didn't reform! XD
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fugimoto's avatar
And then suddenly the most questionable of life choices make perfect sence! :giggle:
Ahhhh context! ;p
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srbarker|Hobbyist Artist
This made my entire day. :XD:
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MikkelNPetersen's avatar
The queen knows what's real and what's ugly
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TheDemonGirl84's avatar
TheDemonGirl84|Hobbyist General Artist
I can SOMEHOW imagine that happening...lel...
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RegalLieutenant's avatar
RegalLieutenant|Hobbyist Photographer
A shame, she might've gotten clinchers that could behead someone else. Also that's...quite a magical transformation.
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soror-asta's avatar
that explaines everything XD
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ceallen956's avatar
Well, given the rather garish look of the reformed changelings (though I actually like their new look), I can't really blame Chrysalis.
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