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Grand Moth Chrysalis

Evil Fairy
With a typing like this only other fairies could stop her

Should she have other name now instead of Chrysalis? Like… Imago? Buttergreen? Moth…ra?
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Perfectly Ultimate Great Queen.
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(My little pony) Daybreaker icon 2 
Fleetwing13's avatar

Awesome!! Absoballylutely fantastic!

BrutalityInc's avatar
VERY impressive design!

There is, of course, one problem with all that chest puff.

[Applies lighter]
TwilightIsMagic's avatar
Grand Moth Chrysalis commands a fully operational battlebugsprayer.
lynx318's avatar
Flufflepuff now REALLY wants Fluffle Chryssi.
caballero-nocturno's avatar
She looks really awesome!!
Tentacless's avatar
Офигенный дизайн!
F-ishyCookies's avatar
(Grand Moff Tarkin)

Chrissy is way better than Tarkin though, even though I love Star Wars. XD


OK ok you should be happy I said you were better!

*yeah whatever*

ANYWAY, Great Work! Very realistic :D
purplecruiser's avatar
I love it! :D she looks really cool!
EvilMariobot's avatar
Technically, steel would work, too.
ijustloveit619's avatar
Imagine her Transform into this in Season 8 0_0
Kyoshyu's avatar
...the queen is now fluffy. Do not mock her.
Kujiiro's avatar
How about Queen Floofyhug, the perfect hugbug
FALLOUTDOG3's avatar
i just wanna hug her
Scyphi's avatar
My, what big wings you have, Chrysalis...
ashikumikitsune's avatar
oh my gosh this is gorgeous!!
MinionintheShadows's avatar
I love the wing design
Charongess's avatar
I really love the wing shape. Keep up the good work!
BB-K's avatar
Wow, huge wings. :o
usalpendragon's avatar
Bugs with floof? 
Snuggle bugs?

All Hail Chryzilla queen of the snuggle bugs.  
moosaymoosay's avatar
you made me spit my water all over my computer.... <3
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