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Gilda got some skills

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Can win any argument
It's that one commission I was waiting for XD
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That would be me if I see a argument happening.

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Quad middle finger

"How do I compete with THAT?!"

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no pony would know what it emans
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I don't care for ponies... I only have interests in griffons... such as her ^_^
I Remember Seeing Her In "My Little Pony" ; But I Forgot Her Name....
Ok, Nevermind.....
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Peace among worlds.... again...
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Oh she got some skills...and an attitude to go with it. 
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Ive done this shit with 4 middle fingers. Feels awesome! XD
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surpised she's not flipping us off with the feathers on her head too
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The only part of her body that's not flipoffing is the head feathers and the back legs.
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every part of her is flipping you off
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Yeah, but the head feathers and the back legs count.
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i guess u could say she's
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