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3rd commission for :iconflintexp: out of 5
Flint by UnderpableFriendship Beam by UnderpableYou Want Some Too? by UnderpableBring It On by Underpable
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i think it is

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Is that gun "The Dealbreaker"? because "That's not gonna happen."

Ah, for those that didn't get that, its a Destiny Legendary Weapon reference.
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Ahh, a snooty way to fire a rifle =p
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He looks kinda bored.
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Is that Team Valor?
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Fantastic as usual. You did a really good job with the AR2 tracer effects on the "Dark Fusion" Weapon.
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He shoots lasers AND has an assault rifle?!

I wonder if his wings are SWARM missile launchers XD
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That's a magically ability actually.
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He's just cheating now lol
FlintEXP's avatar
How can a unicorn cheat with magic?
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I can shoot with my horn, naw not today to day we use guns lol. --- In my head it's really more of the overkill factor of guns shooting guns (seeing as his horn/magic is already a weapon)
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You never want to rely on just one means to get the job done. What would happen if for some odd reason magic would not work? Keeping a wide repertoire is very importation in Flint's line of work.
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If his magic didn't work he couldn't hold the gun like that :P  --- realize I'm not being serious on this. My OC is closer to Tony Stark when it comes to weapons, but his demeanor is that of a total goof ball, such as Vash from Trigun. As for a wide repertoire, mine works on the "Any problem on earth can be solved with the proper application of high explosives" principal :P
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You just gave me a idea for a new jetpack ability that would easily solve that problem and give Flint more versatility. Thanks
"Edit, Turns out I added that fix a long time ago. It is called "Multiple Use Wing"" That would allow Flint to use his weapon without magic.

Problem with that theory is that if you a great enough force of explosive you could destabilize the planet. It only takes so much.
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I have a lot of question to this piece that I feel might be stupid to ask...
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He looks beyond bored.
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Badasses don't aim they 360 no scope from the hip.
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Why aim when you can push enemies back with non stop fire
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частенько видел у тебя этого ОСа 
решил чекнуть профиль того кто заказывает
господи, я давно так не смеялся 
Underpable's avatar
он просто сразу 5 заказал
OldVegas's avatar
а сколько стоило тогда заказать у тебя?
мне просто интересно сколько денег у этого...человека 
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