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For Equestria

Ave Celestia

"Et tu, Luna?"
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I just noticed that's her horn holding the flag up
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I seriously want that flag. D:
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Eonity, your pleas has been heard.: S.P.Q.E. flag (violet-golden) (Credit in description.)
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What do the letters stand for? Thanks.
Also, style is still good, but that horn... Really bad idea.
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senatus populus que equestria
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Huh, did a quick search... Interesting allusion. Speaking of Rome, Russia is considered a third, and a proverb says that fourth will never rise. =) Keep creating.
Please do the  luna republic next and the AppleJack Colony.
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Glory to Equestria!
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Propaganda Unclear, just got been nemisis by Soviet. Still Soviet Rise
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Dat horn/flag pole!
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I told you buying those flag poles was a waste of the castle's money.
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What did Celestia take to make her... I DON'T WANNA HEAR! :XD: :XD: :XD:
Kyoshyu's avatar
...ahahaha, yes!
TunRae's avatar
How rich must she be, to have a purple flag? o.o
SlickClaw's avatar
I imagine in Equestria, purple dye would be alot more common than it was in real life.
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In hoc signo vinces!
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I wish this was horizontal so I could use it for my computer background
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On her case "For cake!"
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