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What do they taste like?

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*om nom nom* Sowwy *gulp* was just eating fireflies with my Waifu Chrissy...


So, what to say about this picture? It's already got high marks because of the shading, lighting, and colors; the ominent glowing in the background of fireflies and the cute changeling queen currently om nomming on one of their brethren.

My only tick about this picture is that we dont know what she's staring at... is it nsfw and we cant see it because of its lewdness? Or is it some form of rolling rock heading towards her... whatever it is, her ears are down.

All in all, I'd give this picture a 9.7/10 would stare at for another 2 hours again.
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Is that torches and pitchforks in the fog?

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crap now mthe song firelies is stuck in my head
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For a villain so darn evil she looks too cute!!! >w< 
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Welp. Insects are a high source of protein
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That poor, poor firefly. XD 
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Chrysi is Mah fav evil queen! Is zo cute!
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This is your singing telligram! I hope you find it well! Your added to my Inspirations cuz I think your really swell!
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XD Having her in the swamp like that reminded me of that scene in Transformers 4 when Lockdown slowly rose out of the murky water
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Big Red Macintosh had broccoli stuck in his teeth....
Unbearably cute. Especially ears.
BTW, butterflies are yucky, I ate one or two. So do bugs.
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I see this as  exploration of the  tastes  buds .. She probably  thinks  that  anything  that  holds  like an worth  might hold  love...  and  well the  life  span of  flies are 24  hours. She  infact  made some  Firefly dude  really  happy in his last moments  of  living .
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"Ugh! They taste like BUGS!" ;p
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she eats bugs?
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