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Sunshine sunshine
Ladybugs awake
Clap your hooves
And do a little SHAKE!

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I simply cannot get enough of casual silly princess stuff ^^

Princess Luna (hmm...) plz The moon shall blot out the sun!
*slowly raises plot*
Celestia smileYou know... if you do this every single full moon phase it gets kinda old..
Princess Luna  oh yeah?
MLP Princess Celestia (Super Cereal) Plz yes...
Princess Luna FULL ECPLISE! *pounces on Celestia*
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This is great xD 
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OH YEAH! Went to Grand Island Nebraska.....Totality was totally AWESOME! (So is this picture! hehehehehe!)
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I wonder what goes down on a lunar eclipse lol

(( nope, no bueno :(  ))
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So this is why the eclipse happens.
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Yes it was awesome! Totality is the coolest thing ever!
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Siblings. Always wanting to show you their butt.
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I wonder if this is what the sun thinks of solar eclipses...just shovin' it's butt in its face.
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The eclipse of my plot sister!!! Aha!
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Heheheheheh! Nice.
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Celestia's face is like: "The things I put up with in this life....." XD
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I put up with this too. My older brother knocks on my door and when I open it he is shaking his butt at me. Then he turns around and makes an awkward face
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Yes, yes I did. And now I'm back for more.
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