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Without Berry and Colgate
Wubbitywub by Underpable
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"Quickly Vinyl, darling, let's hit the church and get 'Mr. Not Rhinox' and his girlfriend married!"
"And after that, can we go to Manchester, England and assume our human forms? I hear they recently made a new Hacienda club there! I want to show their world how Vinyl Scratch makes them groove!"
"Sure darling. BTW, can you get me Graham Massey and Gerald Simpson's autographs for me, please? I recently started listening to some 808 State and A Guy Called Gerald lately."

*Vinyl nods*

"Make sure you play a bit of Richie Hawtin's early stuff. It will help you relax and groove...and melt like...plastic, Octy!"
"Melt like plastic, I'm not sure about that, but are you glad I'm getting to know some early techno and acid house, Vinyl darling?"
"Of course Octy, let's keep grooving through Ponyville and make sure we go to that wedding."


1. My version of Octavia Melody love classical, but has recently immersed herself in trance, hardstyle, acid house, techno, Chicago techno, tech house so she can be a groover like Vinyl. Also, she likes a bit of Ferry Corsten, too.
2. Vinyl in human form goes to record shops to buy new stuff with wub content and other styles of music for Octavia to listen too (and yes some classical stuff to keep her happy). To do that, she uses a programmable version of Luna's mirror from Equestria Girls to go back and forth between her           house and Earth.

PS. Could you imagine human Vinyl and Octavia getting Graham Massey and Gerald Simpson's autographs?
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Vinyl Scratch The DJ PON-3 
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I thought that sound I heard was an earthquake!…
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Berry Punch:WHOAH!
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This is a very REAL thing that happened once I saw what I just saw. Papyrus Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale jump window Explode la plz Mindblowing 
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20/10 would listen to Tavi/Vinyl Clasicstep again
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15/10 i love it
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10/10 would wub again 
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Worked ending cause the song is to awesome. Lol
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Ah good. There aren't enough remixes of Best Scene/Song Ever, but I'm glad to see this GODDAMN AWESOMESAUCE PICTURE exists.
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Playing two of the three kinds of bass there! Yeah!
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(Because there's no fucking way that's a cello.)
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A work of art:happybounce: I am a dummy! Clap 
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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!! I love it!!!!
and it shall be epic!!!!!
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Gotta love genre crossovers.
Too the Bass  Mobile octa
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Hello new wallpaper!
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This piece is wub-tacular. Great art piece.
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