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A new maymay is spreading throughout Equestria like a fire
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This is just perfect. Applejack gets this a lot I've seen. Or maybe its just me.
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Am I a joke you?

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But I didn't listen (Rarity) PLZ  What in fashion fascination ?
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Pinkie Pie: Wot in party decoration?
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Queen Chrysalis's smile  What in pony imitation ?

Nice ! Clap  :icondragongirlmesilune: 
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Trixie: What in prestidigitation?
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Mayor Mare : What in ponyville administration ?

goddammit :icondragongirlmesilune: i don't even know how to read that one Clap 
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The Pie family: What in rock formation?
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Octavia Melody : What in cello instrumentation ?

(Thanks :) (Smile) )
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Dr Hooves: What in temporal manipulation?
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Starlight: What in cutie temptation? 
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Just gimme som appreciation!
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Okay, that was funny. XD
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:iconthoraxplz: Wot in pony impersonation?
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Wot in equine irritation?
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Wot in Deviantart? You have the number 666 at the start of the link!
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Something tells me  all of them are going to end up in the hospital 
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wot in applenation
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