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Derpin' Daily

Lately I've seen a number of artists open up a blog and draw on a daily or almost daily basis in there. Always wanted to draw daily. So yesterday I finally thought to myself "Why the heck not?" and here we go: Daily doodles and speedpaints under 1 hour. (Not only Derpy). 
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Do you take art trades or collabs or requests?

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OH good my Derpy's arrived

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Oh my god! How did Derpy fit in the mailbox?
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She's a pegasus. Think about birds. Birds have hollow bones. Meaning she also has hollow bones allowing her to squeeze into places like that mailbox.
Zowen2001's avatar
Ah. Thanks for the explanation.
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This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!
LightningFire42's avatar
i would love to find this in my mail box
flutter-butter55678's avatar
yes. Then I would take her home and give her muffins every day and squeeze her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEE
DatPoneEnthusiast90's avatar
how did she get stuck in there Pinkie pie (derping) plz
Chastil13's avatar
Derpin' Daily??? More like Derpin' Adorable!!!
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Mail? For me? I don't think I sent for a parcel... oh! It's a letter? How old fashioned...

*accepts letter from Derpy*

Want some help out of that mailbox...?
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She might be stupid enough, and derpy enough, to do that :P
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...why don't I get mail like that?!
ArrJaySketch's avatar
Yay! My pony arrived!

She's a silly mare! :D
MrELVeeJay's avatar
Well, my little pony, I guess today just isn't your day....<zips down pants> ;-)
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.....well that's close enough
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Please tell me it's going to be Safe For Work art.
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