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Cutie Mark Magic


That's how it works, right?
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Yeah shake dat ass so we can make some magic with it. XD

Foxtide888's avatar
What a plot convenience Meow :3 
Stahn64's avatar
That's not only sexy but funny as hell! Where was this when they went up against Discord's garden maze game!
did she just move the plant with her plot
SuperSaiyanD's avatar
...I have several questions.
PantSongArt's avatar
That's totally how it works
erik12501's avatar
Is that necessary to use magic? But what if Flash Sentry finds her watching this and how would he react?
Thranax's avatar
if i was magic, id do the same thing
Twiligh-MLP's avatar
I am Twiiiiilyy....twilight sparkle (smile) plz 
Purplehydrangea's avatar
Jason Derulo : Music What'cha gonna do with that big fat butt? Music 

Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz : Wiggle wiggle wiggle!

Jason Derulo : What the- EW NO! THAT'S A PONY! I'M NOT DEALING WITH THIS SH*T!!!
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MiragePotato's avatar
if twilight can do magic with her cutie mark since her talent is magic...
i wonder what the other mane 6 cutiemarks do...
specially applejack, she is probably an applezooka
Underpable's avatar
they can wiggle them
MiragePotato's avatar
so thas how applejack manage to quick harvest all of her threes... she wiggle the appples until they fall
Twiligh-MLP's avatar
Apples, Wiggle, Magic, NOW!
KawaiiBlossomFox's avatar
i should try that some day!
Nightshade2003's avatar
so, she twerks at a flower, and it floats???? AND glows????? Gotta get me one of those.....:lag: 
Etoile-ardente's avatar
Wiggle wiggle x'DD
Doodles626's avatar
I'm not sure that's how it works...
CrimsonandShadows's avatar
...and do a little shake?
Squiwer's avatar
Shake your  tail cuz we're here to do some magic tonight, shake your tail, shake your tail Music 
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