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:iconchangelingqueenplz: Celestia will pay

P.S. O_o where did this amount of comments come from?
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Alright, first time for the first critique on something, if I'm accepted, okay, stay calm!
Alright, let;s begin.
I don't recall Chrysalis being chained like this in a cave, and it's memorable and will leave an impact on me for sure, it leaves me asking questions and inspires me to write fanfiction.
(I'm a writer by nature, NOT an art critic).
I like the way you don't show her face, only her eyes. If I wasn't part of this show I would be even more terrified of this picture because her face is unknown, we as the MLP:FIm audience know her face, but that only makes it slightly less scary.
Clearly Chrysalis is angry, but at who? Who captured her? Why? When? Where?
Can CHrysalis ever possibly escape? What is the glowing green magic on the chains? Her magic or something to keep her in those chains and true form instead?
Excellent use of light and shadow and a great way to make the audience have their own interpretation, the best piece of art is one that has many ways to be interpreted (but that doesn't correlate to abstract or modern art!)
I have no complaints about this.
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Прекрасный рисунок, вдохновивший меня на замечательное произведение - хей-хей, автор, оно ещё живо! Хотя мой стиль жизни изменился.
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Poor Chrysalis Queen Chrysalis 11 
She's a Dalek! Exterminate!
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Love it!

???: *Slowly opens the door of Chrysalis's prison* Queen...
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Aww... That's cute...
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This pic reminds me of the fanfic The Monster of Canterlot.
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Tell me about it
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Magnificient! :D
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Awesome and dark picture :D
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gives me an idea for a naruto fanfic...he falls through a hole in the sidewalk,and down down he the bottom...a narrow the end of the tunnell...this...And all narutos childhood love to feed her like a bottomless bucket...all because she would never call him a monster or demon.(shes been called those possibly knows the feeling.)
Very well done. I like the Eyes
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Sneeks in to loosen the shackles and the spell upon them. "Long live the changeling empire!"
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Reminds me of Tai Lung
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The chains are just for show. They've got to be.

Getting a real Tai Lung vibe off of the composition. Very nice.
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I'm going to do a series of pictures about this soon
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Like puny chains could possible hold her!

ps. you wonder about the amount of comments?? < i guess you somehow missed how many children Chrysalis has!
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Reminds me of Tia Lung from Kung Fu Panda…
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I see your point :) (Smile) 
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The whole "you think these chains can hold me?" vibe
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