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:iconmlptrixieplz: Anything you can do I can do better.

:icontwichallengeconsider:Oh really? Try to repeat this.


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This has me thinking of this...

Celestia judging : I'm getting fed up with seeing you here in my throne room. You get sent before me for bad behavior every single day, Craig Tucker.

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : I know that.

Celestia judging : Why can't you behave yourself like most of everyone else in Equestria?

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : I don't know.

Celestia judging : Have you anything to say for yourself?

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : *remains silent*

Celestia judging : I think I should have a word with your teachers at South Park Elementary about holding you back one grade if you don't--

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : *flips off Celestia*

Celestia Angry : Did you just flip me off?

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : ...No.

Celestia judging : Yes you did. Now this is the exact behavior I'm talking about. If you do not straighten out your behavior and adjust you attitude then you're gonna--

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : *flips off Celestia again*

Celestia Angry : There, you just flipped me off again!

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : No I didn't.

Celestia Angry : Yes you did! And, until you stop flipping others off, you can just wait outside this chamber.

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : *walks out of the throne room, only for Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny to enter*

Celestia judging : Well, well, if it isn't Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick.

*stares* : Hey, Craig.

F*ck you, you and you! - Craig - icon : *flips the boys off*

eric cartman : Ay, don't flip us off, you son of a bitch.

Celestia judging : Sit down, boys, right there. *pulls out scroll from Applejack* Now then, what did you boys do to be sent before me this time... The boys were being disrespectful of Granny Smith as she was giving a presentation about the Apple family heritage.

Trash Stan - icon : A heritage of pony farmers is stupid.

Celestia judging : No, it is not. In fact, if it were not for Applejack's ancestors, Ponyville would never exist altogether.

*stares* : But there could have been other ways Ponyville could have existed.

Celestia judging : If that's how you're going to view pony ancestry, then guess what? I think a little trip to Appleloosa to learn the very roots of the Apple family is just the thing you four need. I'm going to make a note to Applejack and Granny Smith to have all four of you come with them and Ms. Cheerilee's class to do so.

Trash Stan - icon : What the hell!?

Shrug : *muffled cheering, then expression of grief.*

Celestia judging : I think this will be a good thing for you boys to go on.

Trash Stan - icon : But princess, we don't even give a damn about culture!

Celestia judging : Which is why you boys need to go,

eric cartman : Please, Princess Celestia, we'll be good from now on. Please don't send us to the desert!