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Anthro is not my cup of tea, however, this image is well done. The attention to lighting and shading is most certainly better than I could achieve with my current skills. The thin outlines and the lighting and shading makes the character look as if she has depth in a 2d drawing. Her leather wear has a certain attention to detail that gives the character a more lifelike appearance. The glossy look, the seams at which the sewing occurred, the wrinkles, even the smallest of things such as the subtle shine of the buttons can certainly bring an image together. the sloping shape of the breasts gives them a natural look which makes the image ever so more erotic. The pose is one of being flattered as if she is being accompanied by a partner, her facial expression further reinforces this notion. The background is a generic purple with slight shades at the edges, this lowers the originality. Perhaps a bedroom set or even an abstract painting of some sort would make the image fell more alive. All in all, this is a rather well-done image. If I was an art teacher giving a grade, I would give a B+ to an A-. In other words, good job, have a smiley. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Getting kinky are we Twily?
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Flash: TwiLIGHT?!
Twilight: Hi Flash!
Flash: Why you are dress like this?
Twilight: oh ,i want to surprice you ,i pass time by reading this big book! what you think?
Flash: are very sexy and Pretty!
Twilight: Oh thanks! Now? let get some FUN!
Flash: are you in heat?
Twilight: Yes!
Flash: Oh!
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looks nice twili
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So embarrassing of what twiligh? of been the "plot" of the show?

Squidward Sexy (Dance) 
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Twilight: Wanna try the position in Page 34...?
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*raise hand*

"But teacher....there is no page 34...."
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Twilight: Golly, you're right!


Twilight: Then we'll just have to make one...
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*magic intensify*
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Mmmmm twilight, nice outfit~Love Horny! small heart - purple 
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Must have been a romance book.
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Underpable, no!
What's the matter bro?
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I was quoting one of the from the poll where Underpable asked “Do you like bunny suits?” I’m just joking though.
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probably just me, but I find this weird...
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The fact that you find this weir makes you the most sane person here
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