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Black Snooty

Halloween horsu, perfect for jumpscares. 
Remember This one? Yeah... Creepy Nightmare thingy is back
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I think she's trying to pull a Venom or a Carnage.

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The form and shading of the subject are very well done, lending an realistic texture to the barbs biting into the taut skin - just staring close enough can make you wince. The way the painful looking barbs are incongruous with her smile create an unsettling, otherworldly feel to her, enhanced by her glowing eyes, and how she floats weightlessly in the darkness, mane and tail drifting serenely about her.
Her relaxed and confident posture adds to this, as her barbed wire wings hang in a resting position and her mane and tail glow softly with pastel colours. She doesn't even bother turning around fully, but grins after only turning one eye towards the viewer. The tension between her relaxed body language and predatory grin evokes dread in the viewer, instinctively recognising a powerful creature that can easily overpower them on a whim.
The choice of purple as the background is equally apt. As a colour associated with both royalty and poison, it exudes an atmosphere of power and danger.
However, I feel that flatness of the mane and tail clash a little with the 3D texture that the shading gives to the main body. The flat colouring makes it feel as though they, like the wires in the corners, are more a part of the background than the main subject of the piece.
Overall a hauntingly beautiful piece that simultaneously entices the viewer and evokes unease, doing a great job of conveveying its creepy atmosphere.
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Is it just me or does it look like she's farting?
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I kind of thought the same thing
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Why are you so perfect, Underpable?
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It epic ... *^* i love love love ittt sooo much *and other nice things (i can find better words rightnow :v)*
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Please consider adding a NSFW Mature filter to this as you can see her cootch!
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and there's nothing there :iconrainbowdashshrugplz:
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I really like your art, I'm not trying to be rude I'm just curious??

Mature Content

Cootch? or na? by SheilaCalhoun
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curious about butts? there's nothing there
SheilaCalhoun's avatar
Butts are nice tho... x'D
Underpable's avatar
do you know what a feauturless crotch is? if it was explicit, then the whole attack on titan anime and fan art would be as well, and not because of blood
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Bro I have a stigmatism, I thought I saw two cracks. My bad. :(
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oooh, so creepy. I like it
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Midnight: luna, why... and, how even are you flying???
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The villainy in this picture is just really awesome. I love her sinister look.
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I misheard Pinkie Pie calling her Lax Nooty.
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Awesome and scary picture :D
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omg she looks amazing....
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please draw her more
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