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Best Kind of Music

Got inspired mostly by these 2 songs:……  (Somehow I couldn't find that version of this song in which he's whispering "Raise your hands if you're sick of it" at the beginning of the song)
Don't ask me how BonBon uses a guitar, I don't know.

Чёт меня понесло
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This is a cool and different image, I've definitely never seen these 2 as part of a metal band, and the picture's composition is great. I feel like we're all seeing the exact image you were going for.
I LOVE the lighting effects, you've got a great grasp on those and it really gives things 3 dimensions.
The boots and cuffs were all well lit and showed that they were leather, but I feel like the spikes on Lyra's collar needed a little white glint on the underside.
I was also not sure what Bon Bon's shirt is made of. At first I thought it was a leather jacket, but all of the other leather shines differently, so I think it's a collared shirt, but then the lighting, though soft and cotton-like, creates a surprisingly rigid line down her back, where a soft fabric would wrinkle and fold.
And the last thing, I noticed the piercings and chain didn't get much attention, as those could have been fun and shiny too.

Overall, though, this is a great picture and I still think the outfits look really cool. Keep up the good work!
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"Don´t ask me how BonBon uses a guitar, I don´t know."

Answer: She doesn´t. Lyra is using her magic to play the guitar, but BonBon is holding it to make it look like she was playing it.
Why? Easy: BonBon can´t sing, but they still wanted to start a band together. :)
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That tattoo.. is genius!
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This is friggin' awesome. :love:
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ROCK OOONN!! * screams * :headbang:
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Headbang! HELL YEAH !!!! Headbang! 
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I need a fanfiction based on this drawing.
I'm guessing Bonbon playes with a pick straped to one hoof and very careful hoofwork on the fretboard, possibly with some sort of metal bar with rubber swells along it it strapped to it.
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A tattoo, well, that's one way.
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Metal. The purest form of Music. It can be strong and pure, heavy and angry, or just plain badass. Metal isn't just a bunch of sounds that go together well. It's a way of life that imbues itself into the very soul of the listener and guides us to our true potential. METAL IS LIFE.
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The fuckin skeleton hand XD 
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Metal as hell!
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They look so cool!!! Specially Bon Bon! She rocks on that outfit!!! :XD: :XD: :XD:
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Hell YaY !
Lyra and Bonbon look so cool like this ! \m/

Great songs for a great art.
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Fucking AWESOME tattoo!
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Diggin the skeletal hand on Lyra.
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You should make another one like this but with Octavia and Vinyl instead ;3
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