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:iconcelestiaunamusedplz: Sticking bananas into chocolate cake doesn't make it banana flavored
:iconnmmgaspplz: Yes it does
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Nightmare moon sure like to play tricks with celestia

Celestia judging "LUNNAA!!! How dare you play that tricks to me!"

Nightmare Moon grin " I told you I not luna!


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Well at least Nightmare Moon sent the cake with her to the moon.

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Oh nice! I watched someone voice act this out.
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So THAT explains the second half of S1E1...
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naming is so sweeeeeeet
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if I were in her shoes i would not take the cake but surrender anyway LOL
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Unfair is not a strong enough for what just happened! 
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Banana in chocolate cake, Chocionana??? Dat sounds lacist.... (JK)
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That is only a rumor started by the Pie.

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Cake.......Celestia's kryptonite.
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Can't blame Celestia here...
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No elements.
Applejack only.
Final Destination.
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This is hilariously fantastic!
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Wonder what the banana thing is about. How did the fandom give Celestia a crazy love for cake and bananas?

On another note: now I can see Celestia in those old Hostess fruit cakes ads.
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Pretty sure the banana thing is from this video:… (Caution: Video contains bad language, obnoxiously loud noises, and balls-to-the-wall hilarity.)

The cake thing is probably just because she eats cake in a number of episodes. It really doesn't take much. Fans began to view Derpy as a hardcore muffin addict purely because of the possibility that she might have uttered the word 'Muffins' in the episode 'Applebuck Season'!
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Truly, it's a classic.
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Celestia's face oml
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ahahah thats cheating XD
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