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Niiiiiiiice. :)
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Who knew that something that was made as a joke would end up to be such a badass
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PencilPonies's avatar
That is one epic helmet! Love it OoO
Dawn079's avatar
I've always loved this oc. 

Even though you posted it as a joke ;)
ChaosDrgon's avatar
What is it? Looks like some sort of changeling-windigo hybrid.
LagnutJarron's avatar
Wow another one! I'm making note of various pieces of pony art (EqD-featured is my main source) which I feel would look good in a loopable-animated form. Mostly just for practice with my main software tool-of-choice (Blender 3D) – seeing if I can pull it off, that sort of thing. May I have your permission to have a go at this amazing work (someday – I'm already working on a hoof-ful)?
Backjack-Kitsune's avatar
why do I want to quote transformers now?? great work by the way
QwixLochflow's avatar
Yet another to add to my growing collection of her. That contest pulled in some wonderful entries that I stole for it.

I'll have to add designing a weapon for her to my list on things to do in the coming months...
MoonlitBrush's avatar
the parody became real
mlpfreak3's avatar
Awwwweesssooommeee !!!!
usalpendragon's avatar
Armor, not because i need it but because I thought it looked cool. 
It's important to look cool while I'm kicking flank.
SnapCentino's avatar
So, it's an alicorn breezy?
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