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Another Twist



Tried to redraw this one What a twist by Underpable
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Okay, I can't believe I'm going to be the first one to make these references, but here it goes!
What a Twist!…
This reminds me of "Confrontation" from the musical Jekyll and Hyde.
You REALLY should go see it if you haven't at the very least for this ONE AMAZING INCREDIBLE EPIC SONG!……………
Cadence: It's over now I know inside, nopony will ever know, the sorry tale of me and the queen, nopony must ever know, they'd only see the tragedy, they'd not see the true message...
The shadow of Chrysalis will forever kill the good that I spread.
Am I a good mare? Am I a mad mare? It's such a fine line between a good mare and a...
QC: Did you ever think that I would go away? Did you ever think I would set you free? Well if you did, I'm sad to say, this simply cannot be! You will never get away from me!
C: All that you are is a face in crystal stone! I close my eyes and you disappear!
QC: I'm what you face every day, long as you live I will still be here!
C: All that you are is the end of an old age, all you are is a shadow of the past! After tonight you'll be no more!
QC: I am no shadow! This is an age that will last forever, I am here to stay no matter what you may pretend, and I will flourish long after you're gone!
C: Soon you will be gone and you will haunt me no more!
QC: You can't say what I do, I live deep down inside you! Each day you will feel me!
C: I don't need you to survive, you need me! I will become whole as you wither away and die!
QC: I live inside you forever!
C: No!
QC: With an army itself by my side!
C: No!
QC And I know that now and forever they'll never be able to separate you and me! Can't you see it?
C: Over now, time to die!
QC: No not me only you!
C: If I die you die too!
QC: You die in me I'll be you!
C: Damn you queen, set me free!
QC: Can't you see, you are me!
C: No!
QC: Deep inside, I am you, you are me!
C: No, never!
QC: Yes forever!
C: damn you queen, take all your evil deeds and rot in Tartarus!
QC: I'll see you there myself!