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... And Happy New Year

А зачеты то не все...

Forgot her wings...
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It seems someone had too much cider...

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Awww! She didn't make it!

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I was just thinking this would be even funnier if her legs were tangled up in light cords. Not like that's ever happened to me or anything... No witnesses, no pictures it didn't happen. ;) ;) LOL
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Somepony is bored right there.
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Pinkie Pie : I wanna an another party !
Twilight: Nope... 
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Tangerines = Christmas/New Year
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Poor Twilight, all have the party inside with other ponies -w-...
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That explains why she looks like she fell off of something, because she lost her wings. :laughing:
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And this is how I feel after the holidays.  Just can't even . . . . 
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Нууу...всегда ведь можно допилить, ведь так? (крылышки)
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This pose is a bit... let's say "risky". 
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Актуально до печали.
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She's the cutest thing X3
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too much cider...
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twilight tried to fly, but she forgot hasbro took her wings to change the feathers for the new season
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Nah, she's just drunk
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Не сдала все экзамены Селестии! ;D
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Twi looks wasted :XD:
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