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Ah, yes. It's this time of the year again :3
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shut up and take my notes

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That's me when DAZ3d has their storewide sales... :lol:

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Have you tried to go to Western Union?
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i made a meme of this picture and i didn't even know you were the one who made it. i'm so dumb.
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Seriously? I got my Steam games for free.
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Can relate to that .
Ranunl's avatar
And the same now.
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XCOM 2 is still $59.99 USD.
Stuntpony's avatar
Yeah, there MUST be some hypnosis in play... Cannot resist that at all...
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Buying more csgo skins. Even tho they aren't in sale
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NOW I understand this... I have 10 games in my cart for a total of about $100, and I'm still looking OnO

goodbye money...
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But this time MY game is on there! Yaaaaaaaaay!
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Dear Princess Celestia: Today I learned how to send an e-mail, giving Spike a little time off. How do I send money?
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If only that worked, instead of going to the store. XD
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Alicorn PC Master Race
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Yep, I feel just like Twi' right now
tarinamation's avatar
Ha twilight you never stop making me laugh
martinthekiler's avatar
She looks like me rightnow
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Good thing we now have Devolver Digital Screen Pay, just be careful with your limbs.. hooves? yes
Lovadzhes's avatar
NEEEIN! I dont have gold for buy all it :( (Sad) 
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>.> I tough it was comissions open
Swiftraptor's avatar
Who needs full wallets anyways? XD
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