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I, as the Artist, hold the rights over the Final Artwork. I have the right to decline any Commission request that doesn’t appeal to the rules I have written. I reserve the right to stop work on a Commission, or cancel a Commission request due to poor communication or inappropriate behavior from the client. I may ask for your permission to sell prints of said Commission. You, as the client, have the right to decline in any case, since it was created for You (as the buyer). You have the right to use the final Digital Image for personal use. You cannot resell the image to Third parties (e.g. make prints or merchandise from my Artwork for sale or resale for money). My Initial Signature (“xAF”) & date of completion will be on all Full Illustrated Commissions (inconspicuous), but not for emotes in order to maintain eligibility of the subject.

* Payment Rule *

A Deposit Payment of 50% is required before the start of the Commission. If payment is not done in at least 1.5 days since consultation, I have the right to not start the project & move onto the next Commissioner. If payment is done, the project will begin as needed. The remaining half of the Commission Payment is required when the Project is 50% (Halfway) Completed.

(If the client wishes to give FULL payment early on, that’s okay too.)

Disclaimer: If there is no response from Client Outreach for Commission services in at least 1.5 Days, I have the right to move onto the next Commissioner. This is heavily enforced when I have filled Commission Slots or Long Waiting List of Clientele.

Business email: amyrayline@gmail.com 

Payment methods: :iconpaypalplz: (Same as business email) USD


                             Cash app Icon         (Contact for $CashTag) USD                   


***A/N: There may be an additional fee due to paypal & CashApp’s transactions***

Bullet; Red NO excessive violence/gore (Some is justified depending on the request)
tick  Fan-art is welcomed!
tick Chibis are welcomed! 
New Anthro is welcomed! (New: Still learning, but able to!)
tick NSFW is welcomed! (Contact for further details/discussion) 
tick Emotes are welcomed!

tick Will do:
-Kinks/Fetishes (Contact for specifications)
-Yaoi or Yuri

Bullet; Red Don't do:
-Anthro NSFW
-Furries NSFW
-Excessive Gore

*DM or email me if you have further questions.

Bullet; Green All Work is done with the Digital Medium
Bullet; Green All Work is either 8.5 x 11 in. (Portrait) [2550 x 3300 pixels] or 11 x 8.5 in. (Landscape) [3300 x 2550 pixels] depending on the Subject.
DPI: 300


To clarify, my style consists of:
-Anime/Manga (mixed with realism)
-Comic Style

*Note: These styles can be mixed upon request*
To get a visual representation of my style/work, view my gallery.

black heart bullet Offered Content p/Art Piece black heart bullet 

~CLEAN (6B Pencil) Sketches:
-Bust: $5.00
-Half Body: $10.00
-Full Body: $15.00

~Line-work (Solid Black G-Pen Outlines):
-Bust: $20.00
-Half Body: $25.00
-Full Body: $30.00
+$10.00 with Flat Color (includes minor Cell Shading (e.g. flat shadows & highlights)

~Finalized products (Full Color):

Bullet; Orange  Painting:
  -Bust: $50.00 USD
  -Half Body: $60.00 USD
  -Full Body: $70.00 USD

Bullet; Blue Complete Shading & Highlights (includes colored Line-Art):
  -Bust: $80.00 USD
  -Half Body: $90.00 USD
  -Full Body: $100.00 USD

*Price p/ Subject (Character). These apply to the focus of the piece. 
e.g. If there is focus on two or more subjects, then the price is multiplied accordingly.


With Background (on same Canvas):
  -Simplistic: (e.g. Outline, Flat colors, aesthetics, etc.): +$10.00
  -Complex: (e.g. Outline, Flat Colors, Shaded, etc., choice of setting) +$25.00 (Starting Price)

With Extra Characters, Animals or Large Objects (within Background on same Canvas):
 -Simplistic: (SketchOutline or Flat Color)
p/Character or Animal: +$10-15.00 (Starting Price)
p/Object: +$3-5.00 (Starting Price)

-Complex: (Shaded Color or B&W) 
p/Character or Animal: +$15-30.00 (Starting Price)
p/Object: +$6-10.00 (Starting Price)

*Price May vary for more of these Additions depending on intricacy.

***Note: Chosen BG and/or Extra Character(s) price(s) will add to your chosen type of commission***

~Social Media Images (Graphic/Original Designs): Discord (color) Icon ultramini YouTube Icon Twitch TV Icon ultramini Twitter Facebook Icon DeviantArt Xbox 360 Icon ultraminiPlaystation 4 Icon ultramini

 Bullet; White (PNG) Profile pics/icons or Emotes: $5-10.00 (Starting Price)
Canvas size is 11 x 11 inches (3300 x 3300 pixels) w/ 300 DPI
~Client will receive Full Quality & appropriated scaled Versions.

*Price May vary depending on subject intricacy.

© 2015 - 2020 UnderHisLight
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Best wishes in your commissions endeavors!!! : D
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Thank you so much girly!
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Good luck in your eendeavors, it's really awesome your actively creating new content for people .