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The DA Fan Group of the Underground Warriors, also known as the Washington DC Clan. They are a major part of my Disney's Gargoyles fanfiction series called 'World War 3.' This secret clan lives and works with the US military as a secret special forces commando unit consisting of gargoyles from around the world and its modern wars since World War 2. Art, writings, and suggestions or requests towards my fanfiction are welcomed!

By the way, those who want to read the fanfiction about the story which will introduce the Underground Warriors, called 'World War 3,' it can be found under the Underground Warriors Clan Fanfiction Folder under this group's Features. Thank you!

Please, if you have anything to ask that is not need to be private, please post in the Comments. Otherwise if it is important, send Group Note. Also, when you get a blog entry from the group about anything, please, pay attention and read it. They are to notify you of events and news going on in the group for everyone to be up to date on news and to enjoy doing an activity.

The main primary goal of the group is to enjoy both original characters and storyline of the Underground Warriors Clan and the Gargoyles - World War 3 fanfiction. This is done by participating in contests on art and writing toward the original characters or storyline while promoting your own art and writing of other original or canon-theme Gargoyles within the group. The secondary goal is to get the word spread out to all other fans of Gargoyles who have not yet joined this group as well other groups to affiliate themselves with the Ungergound Warrior's Clan. Thanks and enjoy, everyone!
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Group Rules

The group is about letting Gargoyles fans of both art and literature enjoy themselves through my fan fiction storyline and art based on them, or promoting their own art and writing works about Gargoyles. You are allowed, if you wish, to both draw and write about the characters and story in your own spin off storyline as well join or create your own characters to add into my clan of gargoyles. Simply just ask and I will see if I can make it work into my story as best I can.

General activity within this group, however, does require some guidelines that I wish everyone to follow which are few and simple. Please, respect these rules and everything will go well in friendly and fun enjoyment for all. Thank you.

1. All members, no matter what status, are free to do as they wish without obligation except just follow the rules. You can choose to participate in contests or not, and do art and writing whenever you wish. Details on membership status level in this group will be later discussed under 'member hierarchy.'

2. Please, all respect one another as fellow gargoyle fans and friends. Any problems should be alerted to me and I will handle it fair and just between all individuals involved. I want to try to keep everyone happy and satisfied being here. Any intentional ill-will made towards anyone will find themselves dealing with the Founder and maybe DA administrators; depending upon the severity and content of what was said or done.

3. No porn, spam, hate, and troll art, messages, and writing are allowed here. Ever. Tasteful-themed material on romance or sex appeal could be allowed once judged by the Founder if it is deemed worthy and appropriate enough to be posted in here. Intentional violators will be dealt with swiftly! Also, it is just as important to follow all DA rules involving content. They will be enforced in here, too.

4. All Gargoyles art and writing of and not of the Underground Warriors Clan, either that of one's own or of someone else, will be subjected to where it will be place in designated listing categorizations by the Founder. Gargoyles art and writings submitted by low ranking members and not related to the Underground Warriors Clan goes into Favorites. Art or writings by higher ranking group members can place their art and writings in through Gallery as long as it is Gargoyles related, but organized specifically by the Founder through Features if it is related to the Underground Warriors Clan or not. If there is any problem about submitting materials to this group, please either ask a higher ranking member or the Founder. There are not exceptions for anyone from not following this rule of submitting things, nor ever any will be made for someone. All higher ranking members are not to handle any piece of art or writing within the group without my permission.

5. Partnership with the Founder on investing their ideas and characters into the fan fiction must be taken seriously and respected. If you are a Co-Founder, you have the greatest of responsibility to dedicate yourself, characters, and ideas towards the Underground Warriors fan fiction series. Loyalty and cooperation is absolutely demanded and key to making the stories work and thus the fan group to prosper and continue to exist. The stories cannot function if someone involved within its production wants to end all effort and take back their properties from the stories or art depicting it. Doing so stops or hinders the progress of work in making the story and even damages it having to rewrite what has be removed. This is the most important rule of all that will have the greatest upon the Founder and the Gargoyles fans within this group. So, please, make a true and honest promise and commitment to sticking to help develop written and/or art. If you have to end your partnership with the story after your characters are fully involved well into the storyline, then please give an a understandably good reason to do so discussed with the Founder only. Then, work with the Founder who writes the story in how to properly exit your characters with grace and respect. If that person just disappears or refuses to interact anymore over the course of 6 months to a full year (depending on the pace of the storyline), then it will fall upon the Founder and others partners in writing and drawing to take control over to do whatever we wish with the character from that time on. The person cannot argue us over their characters look and usage by us then when they were allowing their character to be neglected and forgotten by its very owners. If they eventually come back with a good excuse for the long absence and not happy how we handled their characters, the Founder will try to do to something respectfully to compensate for it. Otherwise if they want to be uncooperative about it, they can leave the group and take all their stuff with them. We keep our own art of their characters and the characters themselves in the story will be eventually terminated.

As for malicious intent, this is what this rule was really meant for in its creation. This group and its stories had some people think they can come in here and mess with it when and how they please without regard of others or even with the desire to simply do harm. Damage has been done and set this group back from progress for some while due to this, and even still there are continuing efforts going on interfering with this group, its contributions, and the story itself; be it either from the inside spying or infiltrating to sabotage or manipulate or from the outside creating and spreading propaganda or subversion. This will stop, and it will NEVER be allowed to happen again! Fighting this threat requires every person of any rank within this group to be on guard in spotting anything wrong or strange going on whatsoever by anyone or with anything. Then, report it to the Founder to be investigated personally. If evil activities are confirmed, and not just any stupidity, and those responsible for doing them are found, not only they will automatically be kicked out of the group and forever banned if they are currently amongst the group, but the DeviantArt Administration will be immediately contacted to go after them for their crimes. This means any investment they put into my group prior to their betrayal such as having their art placed into my group that I deem important to keep or characters already embedded into my story will be considered property of the group and will not be removed. Thus, it become property of the group and it is up to the Founder and other involved in the writing and drawing of those character to do as we collectively see fit. Otherwise, all their stuff with be removed completely and characters in the story terminated at the Founder's leisure. Any attempt to counter this rule by using DeviantArt authority against us when expelled for wrong-doing, the group will fight back as long and hard as it can within DeviantArt support and rights to uphold its integrity to enforce this rule and protect the interests as a whole of both the Founder and group followers.

Member Hierarchy -

People of this group who are members are allowed to progress up to higher rankings. The higher the rank, the more power and, in turn, responsibility you have within this group as well the characters and stories. Someone who wishes to advance in membership status simply has to ask me and I will consider it if one can offer characters that can fit with my story and clan well enough or willing to do art or writing for me and the group. I could even randomly pick someone to be of higher status if you can prove yourself through doing contests in the group or posting good art and writing about the Underground Warriors Clan or other characters of your own or of the actual cartoon series.

MEMBERS are basic normal subscribers to the group who enjoy being here reading the fan fictions and art of the Underground Warriors Clan and other creations by others posted here.

CONTRIBUTORS now have some power within the group. They can post all their own art and writing in the reserved 'featured' category listing even if it has nothing to do with the Underground Warriors Clan, promoting more specific attention to them. They also have say towards influencing my storyline and characters, but must work with me in keeping sincere promises once made and try to help me make your wishes fit with the characters and storyline this group is based on. Time and ideas are of no limit in your work with me, and addressing to me of reasonable issues about real life keeping you from doing anything will be respected. I can wait as long as it takes until all is better for you to continue or I can understand that it is just not possible anymore to continue with me.

CO-FOUNDERS are those who have the biggest impact upon this group. These people originally have help manage it or set up this group since the beginning. They have helped create the ideas for the group and its contests as well the clan, characters, story, and art, all the while making sure everything and everyone in my group are doing okay. There is still room for new people of this status to join in this spot who I personally feel they earned their best worth to the group, the storyline and its characters, and to me in friendliness and cooperation. Being in this position allows those to have great influence on the way and direction of how the story and characters should go to an extent, suggest ideas in the way this group is to be run and improved, and control votes on decision polls.

FOUNDER is the leader of this gargoyle clan we call a group! It goes without a doubt this is the position of complete ultimate power upon the group, being the original creator of the Underground Warriors Clan, and the writer of the World War 3 storyline along with possible additional ones planned in the future. STAN4US is this group's Founder.

Good luck to us all! I thank you all no matter who you are and what you do. Please, let this place keep growing forever and endlessly making more fun for yourselves and everyone else being here.

Additionally, STAN4US is running a donation pool of DA Points that is strictly and solely meant to fund a jackpot towards being a reward for future contests in this group. Please, who ever can donate whatever amount over time, it will help become a big enough prize for people to want to participate in activities. Again, thank you for those who have donated thus far and who will yet in the future.



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I swear Disney need to make this happen AND JORDAN PEELE WANT TO MAKE A GARGOYLES MOVIE!! HERE check this out…
Hello, everyone, and hope you have had a good holiday season as well a new year!

First thing before everything, I want to say I am extremely sorry for being completely absent for the past 2 years or more from all activities for this group and the stories of our original Gargoyles characters coexisting in my version of the Gargoyles universe. I made a terrible mistake. I took on a podcast project that begun to take much time from my own group, which I did not realize then, as I was seeking to support all of the Gargoyles fandom in its entirety back in 2013, and through 2014 and 2015 it had backfired into a long-term nightmare from treasonous trolls that once were some of my friends and partners. I was so emotionally wounded and constantly being attacked, I almost considered giving up doing anything anymore for Gargoyles. I tried to jump back in repeatedly, but I was too depressed and worried if I should I get back in. The trolling kept on making me feel my enemies badly wanted me to stay out of Gargoyles, and my will power of wanting to continue was too weak to get it going again. I needed time and peace to heal until I felt was safe and ready to try again. Originally, I openly joined the Gargoyles fandom to seek mental and social solace after my mom passed away some 5 years ago that I never got much support on as well even being a target by trolls for their soulless amusement, and do something fun to help make me happy from my struggle with deep depression and very low self-esteem. Plus, it was an act of demonstration to prove that any fan can be worthy and not some bug to be squashed by some want-to-be 'king troll' who hijacks a fandom to be his personal cult. Metaphorically, I was looking to be part of a 'clan' that would love and help me with what I could not do alone, and return that love however I could to all with appreciation. Looking back on my then rise into participating with the Gargoyles fandom seeing how the podcast project did so much harm to me despite some of the fun I had and turned people I thought were great artists into monsters, or at least blind fools easily swayed by monsters, I wish I never joined the show to begin with and worked with those individuals that lead to my downfall as well the changing of the show itself. But, I am still proud of my own stuff I have done so far with others who still like me before the podcasting spoiled everything. Thus, after the wait for the storm to have pass long enough and to recover from all the pain and failure I was enduring to the best of my ability, here I am now. Please, everyone, forgive me for abandoning you. If you cannot, I understand and graciously respect any wish you may have not to be in my group anymore, but I will do my best from now on to redeem myself to those who do and still have faith in me. Thank you.

Now, since I am back and have grown wiser and stronger from the tests put upon me, I am going to breath life back into all that I was doing for you fans and my own writings. This includes, most of all, new harder rules and the a heavy enforcement of them like never before! No more abuses and assaults to me and my friends and fans who still remain by my side by those who seek to be a troll or a parasite. No more going around my back to do things without my say so. No more ignoring my rules or sabotaging my works or those of others. NO MORE. You have any problems you have, please tell me as I would gladly wish to work on solving them. Otherwise, you do not like what I do or what the group does, please leave respectfully. If you just wish to be intentionally harmful in any shape or form, I will throw you out with DA administrators hot on your heels! I want this group to be safe and secure as well free and fun for all. This group is much as ours as it is mine and I will be DAMNED if I will let it be sacked and burned it like Rome as they have done to the rest of the fandom! They got their own groups and version of Gargoyles. Let US have our own! Screw them and how they want to force our characters and world into being theirs only through bullying. A detailed set of these rules will be written and posted soon as my second thing to do in making a come back here.

Now for the fun stuff. Besides my stories will be continuing once again, so will the 2 contests that I had left going forever. I wish be finishing them soon as well and seek to give you better rewards than previously stated for all those who participated in them. Additionally, the art gallery will undergo renewed reorganization as well, if need be, the staff membership. Just like before, I will see to it everyone gets to have a say of what to do for the group and try to get something to enjoy for everyone to do. People who have characters they wish to include in my stories will work with me on them so that both me and you are happy how it goes fitting into it. Last but not least, my character roster will return fully updated as well the previous chapters edited and returned for reading once more.
Hello, all! I know we have already our first contest still going, but since so few have yet participated so far, I begin to wonder if maybe it is not a good idea for all of you. So, this will be the contest for the rest to ahve something fun to do with this group.

What I want is to add more people in this group as contributors in art and writing. However, those who do join must try to add new art based on either the canon Gargoyles or the original Underground Warriors to the group at least once in the while, okay? Please, before jumping it, read the Group Rules to be sure you want this and not get into something that you might not able to handle.

Members who are do still draw and actually are interested in the Underground Warrior clan characters, you are to ask and show me proof of your art or writing you want to be part. Those who can convince me to include you and your art or writing into my group seriousl wanting to work with me on my storyline wins a spot as a contributor!

However, just winning a spot as a contributor is not all the prize. Other than enjoying the benefits in addition of respecting its responsibilities as described in my Group Rules, you are rewarded to be allowed the use of any or all of your original characters and clans related to the Gargoyles fandom universe!
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Gargoyle Character design by Drsusredfish Gargoyle Character design :icondrsusredfish:Drsusredfish 4 0 Cherries sublime by ChromaEffulgence Cherries sublime :iconchromaeffulgence:ChromaEffulgence 7 3 Top 12 Hottest Gargoyles Characters by MetalExveemon Top 12 Hottest Gargoyles Characters :iconmetalexveemon:MetalExveemon 42 84 Caught in the act by Smurfbreeder Caught in the act :iconsmurfbreeder:Smurfbreeder 392 139 Gargoyles Goliath by lbasse Gargoyles Goliath :iconlbasse:lbasse 69 4 Lynx the Gargoyle #2 by Harleymaus Lynx the Gargoyle #2 :iconharleymaus:Harleymaus 2 0 Scotland's Dagger by ChromaEffulgence Scotland's Dagger :iconchromaeffulgence:ChromaEffulgence 32 9 Once upon a time by Smurfbreeder Once upon a time :iconsmurfbreeder:Smurfbreeder 211 39 MANHATTAN by cheetor182 MANHATTAN :iconcheetor182:cheetor182 26 4
Halloween Exchange Event - PAIRS
So this is that time of the year where everyone starts wondering what costumes are going to wear at 31st October. And that's no different in GargoylesAquatic
On this year we are doing a Halloween Exchange Event which every participant will dress up a random character belonging to another artist.
* Dress up a random character, from another artist, picked up randomly by the staff. For Halloween. It doesn't have to be directly Halloween theme, you can cosplay the character or make it wear a princess costume. Is your choice. Is like a surprise for the character owner.</b>
The official signing is over. But you can still join the event by comment leaving your gargoyle name and a link to a reference. And you'll be pair up with someone who wasn't have a pair, if you don't have a pair in two days, you'll be pair with one of the staff.</b> Here's the official post:
:icongargoylesaquatic:GargoylesAquatic 1 9
What's new at Gargoyles Reawakening?
For those of you who aren't part of :iconGargoylesReawakening: (though everyone should be...;)), we've started a new feature on our Tumblr account called Fan of the Week.  Each week, we post art, fanfiction, merchandise collections, and other various attributes from a different Gargoyles fan to show what A HUGE FAN THEY ARE!  Currently, we've mostly featured fanart, but we have plenty in store for those without artistic ability:D
And what else is going on around the group?
Commissions, of course!!
After *DecadenceCupcakes's request, the founders of GRA decided to propose you a list of artists doing Gargoyles commissions
This would be a list of DA artists and a link to their gallery so that anyone who wants to buy a commission of his/her favorite character could choose in an easier way.
What you need to do to be on the list?
Bullet; Red Be a #
:icontalialevid:TaliaLevid 0 1
Pretty Gargoyle by shinga Pretty Gargoyle :iconshinga:shinga 268 10 Cliffside by shinga Cliffside :iconshinga:shinga 190 18 Wyvern Clan Members by ThalesRuvon Wyvern Clan Members :iconthalesruvon:ThalesRuvon 25 15 Gargoyles by vdwjohn Gargoyles :iconvdwjohn:vdwjohn 14 1 Pensive Timedancer by Nambroth Pensive Timedancer :iconnambroth:Nambroth 954 105

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