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Hello here. I like you are "The Fifth Element" art book. Do you want make comic book series-sequel of "The Fifth Element", with artists from art book? Where Leeloo trying to adapt to life on earth, and feel a girl from earth. But also by putting thermo bandage that she was struggling with evil. And even using this glove:…
This comic book can be drawn from Leeloo for the French comic book industry analogue of Wonder Woman and He-Man (with the using He-Man's method of the conspiracy), a futuristic , emotional, and down to earth (since Leeloo is not invulnerable and the ability to fly. also, acts alone and relies on ability of body). And while not being a superhero, but just a heroine. As the TMNT, and other characters of French comic books. The heroine of the soul of the child, which gradually grows independently. The heroine feels like in the jungle, in the concrete jungle. Recalling so slightly Marsupilami on the exploits and every action as a heroine. In general, story's will bear an action, a nice sense of humor, and important morals and ethics of the story. Later it will be possible to create separate stories about other characters, as well as about the past Leeloo. It is even possible to do a crossover - Nikita and even Lola of "Run Lola Run". By the 175th or 200th issue can be Leeloo mother.
Well, how? You are make it?
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mmmh it's interesting