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This is a group made for preserving and collecting various pieces of peril for undercover agents, detectives, snoops, and so on, as well as other kinds of peril. Please do not harass or discourage artists here. Another focus would be constructive criticism and kind, even humorous, comments from visitors, members and fellow artists.
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Camp Evergreen Damsels: To Ella and Gone! by MisterMistoffelees

Mature Content

A Bind of My Own Making: Part 4, Charity by MisterMistoffelees

Mature Content

Terror of Camp Evergreen Chapter 11 by MisterMistoffelees

Mature Content

Camp Evergreen Damsels: What's Wrong, Samantha? by MisterMistoffelees
Agent Peril
mission failed by Reimon-Master-II
A71 Reintroduces: Blaire! by alleghany71
Sock Slave Escape Training: Final by alleghany71
Tied up for a Friend by alleghany71
Detective Peril

Mature Content

Mature Content

Veronica Kingston Private Eye : Encore To the Reader. The Veronica Kingston stories all involve mild bondage peril and tickling scenarios. The central character is a female private detective in the film noir era of the 1940s. The stories are written for my own amusement. Characters and plots are heavily influenced by movies of the period. There is minimum violent action and a little nudity. As the stories are short it might be useful to say that I pictured the character as looking like a late forties Susan Hayward dressed in well cut suits to give her a classy 40s 'detective' look. The stories freely indulge my particular tastes but others might find them diverting.I knew it was Lew immediately I heard his voice at the end of the line.‘Hiya Kingston’ he said in that deep masculine drawl. I felt my body stiffen and I blew a smoke ring out of my mouth before I stubbed out the cigarette.‘Been a while, Lew! You forgot to send me a postcard.’He laughed at my teasing and his voice softened.‘Hope there aren’t any hard feelings about the last time?’I shrugged and sank back into my office chair.‘Guess you saved my life so that makes us square. How is the spider lady?’‘Well that is why I’m ringing you. Rebecca has vanished. She disappeared one night leaving me with the shirt on my back and no money for the hotel bill.’‘So you want revenge for all those washed up dishes?’Lew laughed again but this time it felt forced.‘I want to find out what happened to her. There was no letter so I don’t know why she disappeared. It‘s been burning me up inside! Maybe I can talk her into coming back to me.’I guessed that Rebecca had left him high and dry and she wasn’t the type to go for a sentimental reunion.‘How much did she take you for?’ I asked.‘She was always the one with the dough.’ Lew sighed.‘So did you had a slam dunk of an argument before she skipped town?’‘Ok you read the situation pretty good. Maybe I said some things I shouldn’t have?’I felt my lips curl up in a sneer.‘Did you call her a scheming vampire and threaten to put a stake through whatever passes for her heart?’The voice on the phone started to crack and falter. The poor sap was still doll dizzy over that tramp.‘We had a good thing going between us. It felt right. I love Rebecca!’‘Get wise, dumb bell. Your true love wanted you to beat me to death. Why don’t you face the truth? She just ran out when she got bored with you.'Lew took my punches on the chin then threw me the bone.‘How about I hire you to look for her?’‘What makes you so sure she is in New York?’I heard him swallow hard like he was eating peanuts.‘I saw her in the back of a limo last week. I got the number so it shouldn’t be hard for a smart operator like you to find out where she is. Can we meet up and talk some more?’I threw back my head and laughed.‘I don’t hold meetings with guys who kidnap me and tie me to chairs. I find it’s a good business policy.’I could think of worse fates that getting tied up by a cute guy like Lew but I couldn’t afford to go soft and start trusting him.‘And I thought you said you were broke?’ I added.‘I got a job as a soda jerk and I skip meals. If you don’t come up with anything I won’t ask for my dough back. I can get a bank draft in the post today.’I sat wondering about it as I stared at my empty in tray. The prospect of paying the rent on time for once clinched the deal.‘Ok I’m a girl for hire so you’ve hired me. Give me a number I can ring you when I’ve got something.’It took a couple of calls and a discreet bribe to get one of my police contacts to tell me Sir Robin Chetwynd-Hayes owned the limo along with a Manhattan penthouse. I turned up the following morning looking good in a sharp suit for my unscheduled meeting with the nobility. An elegant woman in a silk blouse and wide leg slacks opened the door for me. Her hair was a dark shade of chestnut brown which perfectly matched her eyes.‘Nice view of the Hudson, Rebecca?’ I smiled at her.‘I’m sorry!’ the woman replied in a faux British accent straight out of ‘Brief Encounter’.‘Well you are Rebecca Van Rubens?’‘My name is Diana Chetwynd-Hayes. Are you sure you are at the right address, Miss....?’I flashed my P.I. licence at her.‘Veronica Kingston Private Detective.’‘Well perhaps you’d better come in and tell me what your problem is, Miss Kingston.’The lady opened the door for me and I walked inside the lavishly furnished apartment.‘How about you drop the fancy limey act, Rebecca? What scam are you playing now? Wasn’t knocking off one husband enough?’I carefully watched her reactions as she stood facing me.‘Miss Kingston, either you are quite mad or you are making a terrible mistake.’She was as cool as an Arctic wind and I figured she wasn’t likely to panic and drop the front.‘Come on! If you’re this British dame where is your husband?’‘He is on a boat back to London. Business...’‘What business?’ I interrupted.‘Our business! Now I think I’d like you to leave.’She waved her hand towards the door so I made a peace offering before she threw me out.‘Alright lady! I’m only trying to crowd you to see if you are on the level.’‘I don’t I have to prove anything to you.’ she bawled at me as she marched out of the room then quickly came back waiving her passport. It looked like the genuine article but what did I know about limey passports?‘You got anyone I can talk to who can back up your story?’‘Really Miss Kingston. This is quite intolerable!’ Rebecca opened her handbag and pulled out a business card. It had ‘Franklin Nathan Stein, M.D.’ written on it along with an upmarket address in Brooklyn.‘I’ve known Franklin for several years. He is a good friend of my husband.’‘Thanks I’ll pay the doc a visit.’I turned on my heels and walked towards the door leaving Rebecca angrily glaring after me.Back at the office I rang Lew. I’d decided that I was going to throw him off the scent for his own good.‘The deal is that this is an English broad with a fancy name. Sure she looks like Rebecca but she talks like she gives diction lessons to Ronald Colman. Take my advice and drop it.’I listened to Lew breathing at the end of the phone as I slumped in my chair and put my feet up on the desk.‘I’d like to know for sure.’ Lew finally decided.‘Even if this cookie is Rebecca she has some English Lord under wraps. What are you gonna do? If you grab her she won’t be as understanding about it as I was.’Lew thought about it for several long silent moments.‘I need to be certain about this?’ he repeated.I groaned to myself and looked up at the ceiling. Then I slipped my hand into my suit pocket and pulled out the business card.‘I have the address of her doctor. If what he says jells with her story I won’t take this any further.’I replaced the receiver and walked from behind my desk. I tucked my gun into its shoulder holster and checked the jacket was loose enough to conceal the bulge. I rolled up my right trouser leg and snapped on an ankle holster holding a knife. I smoothed down my suit in the mirror then walked down to my car.Doctor Stein’s place looked like a private house with no sign outside advertising his services. Maybe he was retired or had his own select clientele. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was setting in the autumn sky so I didn’t think too hard about it. I hurried along to ring the doorbell and waited for someone to invite me in. Something strung me in the neck and I figured a local wasp had a taste in glamorous detectives. My hand felt for the dart that had hit me as the world started swimming in waves before my eyes. I tried to make it back to the car but I was chewing gravel before I got half way.Someone was holding smelling salts under my nose. I wanted to brush them away but I couldn’t move my arms. The two faces standing over me slowly came into focus. Fingers started snapping in my face.‘Come along, Kingston. I don’t have all night.’ said a brittle male voice from somewhere out of the past.‘Hello Carl.’ I muttered as the clouds cleared allowing me to see the other people in the room. One was Carl Crane and the other was his pal Smith. I’d come up against them when I had been hired to impersonate Crane’s sister on an inheritance case. I tried to move my arms again then I realised I was securely bound to a heavy chair with some very tight rope work.‘Hello Miss Kingston.’ said Smith giving me his watery smile. ’It’s a pity you got involved in this caper. Everything was going so well....’‘Be quiet Smith. You really don’t need to tell her the plot.’ snapped Carl with a characteristic display of impatience.‘I thought you two were in stripes?’ I said as I uncomfortably shuffled around.‘We got away with light sentences no thanks to you and were released on parole.’‘Pity you didn’t learn your lesson!’ I growled.‘Didn’t you notice something odd about the name ‘Franklin Nathan Stein’?’ said Carl smiling down at me.‘No’ I brusquely replied.‘Frank N Stein! That was my little joke?’Smith found this very funny but I had to admit that his witticism had passed right over me.‘Well how about that! Abbott and Costello better watch out for you guys.’As my captors helped themselves to a shot of whiskey I became aware of someone standing behind me.‘Hello Veronica!’ said Rebecca Van Rubens as she walked around the chair and patted me on the shoulder.‘You gave me quite a jolt turning up this morning. Is Lew still behaving like a love sick school boy?’‘He surely is! Still seems to be holding out a candle for you. Very romantic guy! Why don’t you marry him and move to Idaho?’I smiled up at her cruelly beautiful face as she blew cigarette smoke into mine.‘Did you like the accent? Took me an age to get it right.’ she purred.‘I spotted it the first time you opened your mouth! It was as phony as everything else about you. Now how did you meet up with these two goons?’'I needed the services of a safebreaker and Smith is one of the best on the East Coast. I took a shining to Carl and we decided to go into business together. We talked about you sometimes and how divine it would be to get our hands on you. But we’ve been making a long play to clean out a rich Englishman and all his friends who have unwisely invested in Chilean copper.’‘You know I keep telling people not to invest in Chilean copper.’Rebecca smiled at my wisecrack and tickled me under the chin.‘Stop beating around the bush and let’s finish this!’ insisted Carl. He was busy removing the top of a bottle containing a clear liquid. Rebecca nodded at him in agreement but Smith started snickering making himself look like a demented version of Peter Lorre.‘The woman made a fool out of me. I would like to take the opportunity to indulge in a little revenge too.’Smith licked his lips with excitement so I knew he had something planned that I wasn’t going to like.‘Carl is going to force you to drink poison. I’d like to see if I can make you die laughing!’Smith giggled mirthlessly as Carl pushed the bottle into my face.‘You can drink this now or play Smith’s stupid game. I don’t much care which way you want to play it’I pressed my lips together and turned my head away as Carl offered me the drink which would end all my troubles.‘Well you had your chance to make this quick.’ he sneered.‘Go ahead Smith. This might be amusing?’ said Rebecca as she pulled up a chair to enjoy the show.Smith untied the rope binding my ankles to the chair leg and positioned himself in front of me. He lifted my feet up and rested them in his lap. He took time to enjoy the removal of my shoes and warmed his hands on my nylons.‘What pretty little feet, Miss Kingston! Now when I force you to squeal with laughter Carl will take the opportunity to pour the poison into your mouth.’‘With the greatest pleasure!’ added Carl.Smith began to gently tickle the soles of my feet with just one finger in broad brush like strokes. I clenched my teeth and held myself rigidly to attention in the chair. If I concentrated I knew I could control myself. His fingers caressed my skin making my toes tingle like someone was holding them up to a fire. Why did my feet have to be so goddamn sensitive? As I steeled myself to control any impulsive movements Smith suddenly changed tactics and savagely tickled my left sole with all his fingers. It made me jump in the chair and I had to bite my lower lip to stop myself screaming. He then alternated between my left and right instep sending intense waves of ticklish agony coursing through my body. He kept working each foot until I was choking back my laughter. I snapped back to attention pressing my bound arms into the back of the chair. Smith changed his technique as he moved to my heels.‘Mmmmpppppfffff!’ I groaned as he scratched me with his fingernails. I knew I couldn’t take this for long! My muscles flexed and pushed against the ropes but they held firm giving me no hope of escape!‘Very soft feet you have, Miss Kingston.’ cooed Smith as he turned his attention back to my soles.‘You can have them mounted if you like!’ laughed Carl.Smith caressed my delicate skin with languorous strokes of his fingers slowly driving me crazy. I tried to concentrate my mind on a movie with George Raft to help shut out the unbearable ticklish sensations. I knew that Smith was relentlessly grinding me down and George Raft was not coming to the rescue. I winced as my tormentor hit a sensitive nerve. He laughed as he caught the desperate look in my eyes. Smith’s fingers crazily zigzagged around my feet almost causing me to cry out before I restrained myself. Then he started tickling the tops of my tender little toes! I squeezed my eyes tight shut and dug my fingernails into my palms to distract myself from the torture. Now I was desperate to release the burning tension sizzling deep in my loins.‘Tickle...tickle...tickle! Tickle...tickle...tickle!’ Smith repeated like a children’s playground taunt. The hard tickling of my toes was more than I could stand. I rocked the chair sideways to try and pull myself away. Carl slammed his foot on the brace to hold me steady. I tore at the ropes holding me tightly bound in the chair. There was no hope that I was going to break loose!‘Mmmmpppffff!’ I moaned from behind my lips as I tried to catch my breath. Then Smith tickled me in the sensitive spot under my toes. My stomach muscles started to twitch and contract with suppressed laughter. I couldn’t control it anymore and I burst out in hysterical screaming.‘Please stop! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Please!’ I howled.Carl saw his chance and lifted the bottle to my lips. He had me by the hair so I couldn’t twist away as he poured the liquid into my mouth.‘This should take about an hour for you to die. You’ll become paralysed then the vital organs will start to fail.’ Carl helpfully explained as I choked on the poison. I sat gasping for air as my three captors gloated over me. Then they walked away leaving me to die helpless and alone. Carl glanced back at me one last time.‘I’ll dispose of the body in the garden. Smith can go and dig a hole for her.’I was curious why the poison tasted so much like lemonade? Half an hour passed and, although my fingers were numb from being tightly bound to the chair, I was otherwise feeling pretty good. Maybe I was immune to poison or Carl had mixed his chemicals up and invented a new drink? I eased myself around looking in vain for some slack in the tautly fastened ropes. I could barely move so I figured I would have to wait for someone to untie me. After another twenty minutes I heard the door open. I slumped into the chair and played dead as I listened to Carl moving around the room. A knife cut through the ropes holding me secure and I fell sideways off the chair.‘Steady old girl!’ Carl laughed as I collapsed like a rag doll on the floor. When Carl was straddling me and about to lift my apparently lifeless body over his shoulder I sharply kicked my leg upwards. The surprised Carl let out a scream of intense pain as my foot found its target. He quickly recovered and tried to leap on top of me but I rolled aside letting him have the full force of my elbow in his face. I heard the crack of bone and a sharp scream as Carl landed heavily. He was out cold and ruining the carpet with the blood from his shattered nose as I tied his hands. In the garden Smith was stripped to his shirtsleeves digging the hole that was to be my final resting place. After I telephoned for the cavalry I enjoyed watching him sweat and pant as he shovelled dirt over his shoulder. He had just finished when the cops turned up to arrest him. The only answer to the riddle of my survival was that Rebecca had switched a bottle of lemonade for Carl’s poison. Maybe she figured I would be of use alive if I kept her two partners occupied while she took off with the cabbage. I found out about the success of the scam a few weeks later when the Chilean copper fraud made it on to the front pages.When I got back to the office I locked up my gun in the desk draw and poured myself a drink. Then I telephoned Lew.‘This Doctor Stein told me he was a family friend going back to the Stone Age. Mrs Chetwynd-Hayes is a real life English lady and you’ve been wasting your money. Go someplace else and start over, Lew.’I felt sorry this had to happen and I wanted to say something which made it right but I couldn’t find the words.‘Thanks Veronica. I know you mean well but I don’t believe that story anymore than you do. I’ve been doing a little detective work of my own. I followed you to that house and grabbed Rebecca as she left. Hope the other two guys didn’t give you a hard time. I guess you handled it just fine.’I gripped the edge of the table as I felt an icy fear in the pit of my stomach.‘What have you done with Rebecca, Lew?’‘She’ll wake up in a few hours where nobody can hear her scream.’Lew’s words made my blood run cold.‘What do you mean?’ I asked trying to keep my voice steady.‘I buried her. Buried her alive!’‘Listen to me, Lew. I thought you loved Rebecca? Where did you bury her? It’s not too late. Let’s talk this over just the two of us.’Lew hung up on me without another word. When I tried to light a cigarette I found my hand was shaking. But I knew one place with a freshly dug hole deep enough for a body.I arrived back at Carl’s house armed with a spade. In the rear garden the hole I’d allowed Smith to dig was now filled in so I began to shovel off the dirt. It took me a good twenty minutes before I’d removed enough soil to tear open the lid of the wooden box. Rebecca was lying inside curled up like a fetus. She was still breathing but looked in deep shock. Her eyes were wide open and staring blankly ahead of her. I threw down the shovel and gently lifted her out of the ground.‘After what she did I’m surprised you came to the rescue.’ said Lew appearing behind me.I turned and looked into his despairing eyes reddened with tears. I wondered what it took to drive a man this far out of his mind.‘No one deserves this, Lew.’ I replied taking time to glance at the gun he was holding on me. Then I began to slowly drag the limp body back to the house. He fired a bullet into the ground in front of me but I continued to pull Rebecca to safety.‘Please don’t shoot, Lew. Let’s talk.’ I pleaded.‘Why don’t you put her back? She belongs dead!’‘I can’t do that, Lew. We can talk inside.’I watched Lew tear himself apart as I slowly made my way to the house.‘Oh hell!’ he finally shrieked as he placed the gun barrel in his mouth and squeezed the trigger.Miranda cradled her chin in her hands as I finished my story.‘Well Scheherazade, you brought yourself another night. I won’t execute you tomorrow.’My lover sipped red wine out of her glass as she charmingly teased her prisoner.‘Thanks! How about some of that wine for me?’ I imperiously demanded.Miranda cast her bright eyes along my bound and naked body which lay completely in her power.‘No wine for slave girls.’ she giggled as she positioned herself by my feet. While Miranda massaged and tickled my toes in her soft hands I relaxed and closed my eyes. It felt good and when I thrilled at the touch of her fingers slowly moving up my legs I knew it was about to get better!
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Here are some basic guidelines:

- I know random perils have been added to this group, but I ask that submissions be directly or even somewhat related to perils involving undercover, or non I guess, detectives, snoops, superheroines, or even random people I guess who try doing investigative things of some sort.

- Also on a similar note, please only submit perils, they can range from life threatening to mischievous.

-Please do not try to submit anything too violent, bloody, gory, or filled with death.

-Please submit works that follow DA guidelines

-At this point only contributors can submit works to the gallery without needing votes, members must submit with votes

-Any member can ask to become a contributor

-Have fun and enjoy the group! :D

If there are any questions please feel free to ask in the comments
Hello everyone!

Just thought I'd let you all in on our group guidelines. They can be found on the homepage on the right. If you guys have any questions, comments, or issues please let me know about them so I can help in any way necessary :)

Thanks for reading
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