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Mak-LionTaste Icons (Updated! 0.36)

Updated to Version 0.36a
New Version May 2012!!! ...this are the news:

Download Link (58mb):[link]

Mirror Download Link (sugarsync): [link]

-Update(a): download added (~450-400kbps). sugarsync goes around ~40-50kpbs.
-Fixed: reformed "index.theme".
Error "KConfigIni: In file /home/user/.kde4/share/icons/Mak-LionTaste-025/index.theme, line 29: " Invalid entry (missing '=')" SOLVED. Thank you atragor for reporting it.
-Fixed: Wrong icon in mouse pointer configuration.
-Added: missed actions and mimetypes where added. However some of them are still non-modded. Taken from the gorgeous KFaenza work, as you might see.
-Apps added. Among them, firefox-nightly, jdownloader, okular modded version.
-Added: Symbolic linking work started up. I would say that I did only the 15% of what have to be done... however this version was originally 70mb (WTF!!!) and now is 58mb. On my favor, I have to say that this is the result of an additive proposal of works like Faenza, Elementary, Gnome, Oxygen, Kfaenza and Leo-like... making it one of the most complete (AND BIG jajaja) iconsets that I used. :P

-Added: NEW MIMETYPES. I made 3 messed up alternatives, jajaja. Depending on your opinion will follow one or another. 1st alt: square paper + icon. 2nd alt: long paper + icon. 3rd alt: long darker paper + icon. So, please comment!!!
Note: I will follow one of the three alternatives, if you dont like any of them, probably you may still using versions less than 0.25. I will try to mantain them online. ;)

TO-DO for version 0.36: *Symbolic Linking. *Mimetypes style definition and construction. *more apps (requests opened: if would like to see a new app icon in the set,just ask for it... I will try to find/mod an icon that matches this proposal).

Ok guys, as you probably know this is my first collaboration for th KDE community... It is an experiment, clearly inspired in some OSX Lion and Faenza (Faience) flavors, but really trying to apply a dual-like style: Menues and buttons on one side, folders and apps on the other.
The idea is similar to the Dual-Taste deprecated theme for gnome 2 that I made a while ago.

A few important things:
-I am not a icon designer.
-If you dont like it... dont use it. Just dont bother me (US) about the Mac-ish / KDE look controversy please.
-Modded a bunch of icons, specially the ones from faience in order to get the desired "eye effect". Also modded a lot of stuff in color and shape. I didn\'t designed any of them from scratch. I\'m just a customizer that want to share a home-made work.

So... try it, and share your impression, if you want.. ;)


Ps. Sorry, it is heavy. ~58mb of download.
ps2. Also in [link]
ps3. Seguime en Taringa! [link]
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I am using KDE 4.10 on Ubuntu 12.10 and I would love to use Mak-LionTaste icon theme, but..., icons for control buttons in some applications are missing. For example, in Kdenlive, icons for "add clip", "lock track", "mute track", "hide track", "set zone start", "set zone end", "normal mode", "override mode", "instert mode", "spli autdio video", "show video thumbnails", etc.
Is there a remedy for that? Could I include them, somehow, from another similar theme and how?
All these icons exist in, let's say, KFaenza or Oxygen (maybe in Mac4Lin) but I don't know how to import them in MakLionTaste icon theme.
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Downloadlinks dosen't work... :-(
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Gr8 work mate, but just too bad. Cause the links are all dead, please updated. Thanks..
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please find them here :)
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thanks mate. just starting to download it.
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Thanks dude for all your contributions into making KDE look beautiful. I really appreciate it. I featured your another great work in #artescritorio

BTW I like bespin too :)
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Muchas gracias a ustedes!!!!! Soy un gran fan desde que arrancaron! :)
Saludos y cuenten conmigo para lo que necesiten.
What window decoration is in the pic?
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Hi there!... the decoration is the bespin one. I didn't modified too much: In buttons tab, "TheRob3rd", Gradient "None", Unhovered Button "Dot". This make a nice animation on mouse-over, but draws a dot when you don't touch anything. :)
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How'd you get dolphin to look like that?
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hi there! of course you will need the icons :P, it is not hard at all. You need to unblock the toolbars (right click on an empty space near a button of the toolbar).Then you will see a dotted sector on the edge of the toolbar... just drag it to the left and it will acquire the shape. Also you will need to remove the text below icons (right click, text position, icons only). In the snap i've selected the "columns view"... just press "ctrl+3" in any folder, or use the buttons of the icon theme (4 squares -icon view-, text+bullets like -list-, and column like -columns-), je.
Thanks for comment :)
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and also you will need the bespin theme of course, if you want an exact look like the one on the shot... there is a link in the post and instructions on the kde-look publication on how to install it. Any doubt, just write me.
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Thanks dude. Done that now. Love the icon theme.
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;) Anytime! Thanks for passing by...
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wow, man! It realy cooooool )
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Thanks dude!!!! Enjoy :D
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plasma theme of the shot?
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The plasma theme is glassified :)
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