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Blossom by Mandiness Blossom :iconmandiness:Mandiness 25 5 Dew Collectors (book cover version) by hotpinkscorpion Dew Collectors (book cover version) :iconhotpinkscorpion:hotpinkscorpion 111 28 Nature Awakens by nortagem Nature Awakens :iconnortagem:nortagem 24 29 Feeling the touch of things by AirelavArt Feeling the touch of things :iconairelavart:AirelavArt 26 6 Necrology Of A Moment by AirelavArt Necrology Of A Moment :iconairelavart:AirelavArt 18 0 Inner landscapes, where I get lost. by AirelavArt Inner landscapes, where I get lost. :iconairelavart:AirelavArt 23 2 From the deepest black to the purest white. by AirelavArt From the deepest black to the purest white. :iconairelavart:AirelavArt 38 10 Fugacity by AirelavArt Fugacity :iconairelavart:AirelavArt 101 15 Synesthesia by AirelavArt Synesthesia :iconairelavart:AirelavArt 37 11 One day you will understand by AirelavArt One day you will understand :iconairelavart:AirelavArt 234 30 Waiting by tanikel Waiting :icontanikel:tanikel 129 47 Asphalt and Flesh by Kevrekidis Asphalt and Flesh :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 40 29 Urban Jungle by Kevrekidis Urban Jungle :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 55 27 Partitura by Kevrekidis Partitura :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 77 49 Barri Gotic by Kevrekidis Barri Gotic :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 123 44 Sunlit Lute by Kevrekidis Sunlit Lute :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 77 44
May everyone get all the art supplies you need to keep you creating and expressing yourselves.

Stay safe, stay warm and may the holidays find you among the ones you love.

:iconsnowman-plz:  :iconbumbleplz: :iconchristmastreeplz: :iconchristmastimeplz: :santa: :rudolph:
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Rules & Guidelines

A lot of us feel underappreciated. We slave away on our artwork and very few people ever check it out. And if
you're unpopular, it's very hard to get popular.

There's no standards on how good the artwork is but
the best will be placed in the featured folder. All artwork
has to be under 100 favorites to be allowed in.

Anyone can join, even the most popular have works that are
unpopular, so start submitting and joining :D

If a deviation gets over 100 favorites after it's let in, it will be
moved to another folder but not taken out.

Also, no submissions are allowed in the featured folder, but,
the other folders do have a 3 deviation per week limit.

We need to remind members of the following:

When submitting your work to the Fav Feature folder, you are submitting to the group fav folder only, not the feature section. We cannot do regular features from the Fav
folder. If you would like to see your art featured on the group home page, then you do have to submit it to the regular group folders so it can be voted on and copied
to the Feature folder. Just because you submitted to the Fav Feature folder, that is not a guarantee that it will be accepted to that particular folder. The exclusions would be unfinished work or work that does not show off your best. Please submit those to our regular group folders accordingly.

*Please be courteous and do NOT flood the Fav folder
with more than 3 of your works per day. ;)

Reasons why your submission may have been denied:

1. You may have submitted a piece with over 100 Fav's.

2. Your work may have exceeded the 100 Fav limit before
it could be reviewed.

3. The piece may require a Mature Content filter before it can be submitted.
*(Remember, by DA's rules, if the subject is nude, artistic
or not, it still requires a Mature Content filter. That's a site rule, as well as a group rule.)

4. The tone or subject matter of your piece is racist,
erotic rather than a still nude, too violent or graphic for
the group. *(That includes pieces about self-harm or mutilation, unless the piece is supporting measures against those acts and is tastefully done.)

5. It was a duplicate submission.

6. It was already included by request of another group member and approved by you.

7. You submitted some type of self promotion ad.
* Having it somewhere in the info that you accept commission work for points or pay is fine, but, the piece
you submit should be submitted for feedback. Something you've already done for someone as a commission piece
is fine, (sure, why not showcase it).

8. You use someone's work as a base for yours without getting permission from the original artist. *(This does
not include using free stock images or line work, although, the original artists should still have the credit given.)

9. You submitted a piece from your Scraps folder. If you aren't sure it's good enough to keep, then why submit it
to a group? They are too often deleted later by the artist.

10. You continue to submit to an incorrect folder after
being reminded.

11. It is political in nature or debates social issues.

12. It is a collabrative piece represented by only one person without permission of the other artist represented.

13. Underage minors used as models to promote any agenda without clear consent of a parent or guardian.


*If you want a reason for the denial, you must have comments enabled for us. We will not note you.


Again, to members submitting work from non-group members:

Please note that these DA members rarely respond to
group inclusions of their work from a group they have
not chosen to join already. You may want to send us a request to invite that member instead first. If you think
they need more attention, then leave a note on our profile
to check them out.


Any time you aren't sure which folder to submit to, feel
free to ask me. I'm usually here on a daily basis. :iconmiss-a-sketches:

Here are some examples of which folders you should use
for the following items:

Anything you can submit to another folder, you may submit to Critiqueable if you want input.

*NEW!* Fan art - Fan art folder - NEW!* (That includes Fan art parodies and objects you've put character work on.)

COSplay - Fan art - (All model photos or costume work.)
Sculptures - 3D art
Most crafts - 3D art
Fractal art - Digital or 3D - Depending on the piece. (Ask me if aren't sure. :D )
OC's - Regular folders as per the media type.
Most mixed media - Miscellaneous - (Unless the additional media is sparsely used.)
"Adoptables" - Free or for points - Miscellaneous
Comic book - Miscellaneous
Animations - Digital (Unless it's Fan art based then it's Miscellaneous.)
Unfinished work/WIP's of any media type - Critiqueable or Miscellaneous
Tutorials - Tutorials (Yes, we have one.)
Clothing/apparel designs- Traditional or Digital
Actual clothing/apparel items - 3D or Miscellaneous (Usually up to you.)
Concept sketches or character descriptions - Miscellaneous
Avatar icons or photos - Miscellaneous
Wallpapers/skins - Miscellaneous

*Digital work submitted to the 3D folder is reviewed. If
the work does not appear 3D in totality, it may be moved
to the Digital folder at our discretion. Just because you
used a 3D program, that does not necessarily make the results of your piece 3D in quality.

Thanks & hope you all are doing well! :D










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